Shipping from

Our company values every customer and regularly ships orders to the European Union and the United States. The prices of sports pharmaceuticals available in our store are significantly lower than in many other countries. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for orders from Europe. When you place an order from Germany, our managers will process your order within two days. The processing time depends on the current workload of our staff.

Once our managers have processed your order, you will receive an invoice from us. You must settle the amount for the ordered medications within three business days and send us a check. Please note the payment date, the transferred amount, and the account number to which the money was transferred on the check. The sooner you provide us with this information, the faster we can identify your payment and proceed with processing your order. Please note that delivery to Germany usually takes about 7-14 days after payment is received.

Please be aware that for payments from abroad, it usually takes 24-48 business hours for the amount to be credited to our account. This timeframe should be taken into consideration as some customers may become impatient if the money is not received within 30 minutes.

Our company sells sports pharmaceuticals and does not act as a delivery service. Therefore, we have no control over the delivery conditions and do not assume responsibility for the transportation of orders within USA. The products are shipped via international mail. The delivery time is typically around 10 days.

Our company guarantees the delivery of your order. If the package is returned to our office without clearing customs, we will refund the amount to you. A refund is also possible if you reject your order before it is packaged.

Please note that a refund is only possible if the package is returned to us. This is because some dishonest customers request a refund a week after placing the order, even though they will receive their order at a later time.

What are the shipping costs to USA?

For orders up to 200 euros, the shipping costs amount to 45 euros. If the order value is between 200 and 300 euros, the estimated shipping costs are reduced to 25 euros. If a customer orders sports pharmaceuticals totaling more than 300 euros, our company,, covers all shipping costs.

Important! If you fail to collect your package within a certain timeframe or are not present at the specified address during courier delivery, the package will be returned to our company warehouse. In this case, you have the option to request a re-shipment of the product (at the total shipping cost of 45 euros) or we will refund you 50% of the total order value as we have to pay twice for goods that pass through customs.

Additionally, medications have a limited shelf life.