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Turagen contains turinabol. It is a synthetic anabolic steroid. Produced in tablet form. This form of administration is preferred by many athletes who cannot inject for various reasons. The tool was patented in Germany in the 1960s. Turagen 12 mg Genetic Labs is used in bodybuilding and other sports fields, and is considered potent.

How Turagen 12 mg Genetic Labs affects the body

The drug does not retain fluid in the body. It does not show its effect immediately. It has no estrogenic effects, i.e. it does not retain fluids in the body, it does not cause gynecomastia and body fat. This is a great advantage.

The steroid allows:

  • gain weight more quickly
  • improve the relief of the figure;
  • increase strength performance.

The results are better, but appear very slowly. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on rapid changes.

In addition, the steroid helps to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood, which has a positive effect on athletic performance. It is versatile and suitable for both weight gain and drying. But if you use it alone (without combining it with other steroids), then the mass gain effect will not be as pronounced.

Negative consequences

Like many oral steroids, Turagen 12 mg Genetic Labs has a toxic effect on the liver. This is because the formula is made in such a way that the active ingredient is not broken down by the liver. Since the liver cannot process the active component of the drug, it falls under its toxic effects. But it does not manifest itself if reasonable doses are used.

In case of overdose or regular use of too large a dose, right-sided pain, changes in liver enzymes in the blood and other problems are possible.

Other possible side effects:

  • weakening of testosterone production by the body;
  • growth of prostate tissue;
  • nervous system changes: increased excitability, confusion and other problems.

Males should not use the drug during puberty, as it can cause growth retardation. Women taking this steroid may experience virilization phenomenon.

Characteristics of use

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is important to take Turagen 12 mg Genetic Labs correctly. Here are the main recommendations:

  • the optimal dose is 20-40 mg per day;
  • course duration 6 weeks;
  • for weight gain can be combined with testosterone;
  • to increase endurance and strength, you can use 10 mg;
  • large doses spread over several intakes per day (2-3).

Also, be sure to consult a doctor to rule out contraindications. You cannot start drinking a steroid, having independently decided to gain weight or improve your figure, as there are conditions under which anabolic steroids are prohibited.

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