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Trenbolone is a synthetic steroid that comes in three forms, the most popular of which is acetate. This is a short program, tailored to meet the drug. Trenbolone acetate 100 mg Moldavian Pharma is suitable for both drying and bulking cycles, it can be combined with others or used alone. In general, the tool can be considered universal.

Main positive properties of Trenbolone acetate 100 mg Moldavian Pharma

Acetate is a popular version of the steroid for a reason. It has a short half-life, so it is easy to control, which makes it suitable for those who have not yet tried trenbolone. For a long time, when there were not so many steroids, it was this active substance that was most commonly used by athletes.

Main effects of its use:

  • increase in muscle mass;
  • increased muscle hardness;
  • improved relief;
  • fat burning;
  • increased strength and endurance.

Trenbolone acetate 100 mg Moldavian Pharma is considered a good pre-competition drug as it allows the athlete to withstand colossal loads. It is more anabolic than testosterone, but does not gain mass as fast and in such volumes, because it does not store water at all. Therefore, the resulting muscles are dry and hard, and there is no recoil phenomenon.

Possible side effects

Problems when taking this steroid occur when the dosage is exceeded or taken for too long. These can have androgenic side effects. Since trenbolone is a strong androgen, it causes such changes in the body:

  • the appearance of acne;
  • hair loss;
  • prostate enlargement;
  • aggressiveness, irritability.

In addition, due to the fact that it increases the concentration of the synthetic hormone in the body, endogenous testosterone is released in smaller amounts. Therefore, after the course, the hormone level will drop and the associated side effects will begin to appear: low libido, mood problems, reduced strength and endurance, etc.

Dosage and dosage rules

Since the half-life of the active substance is not very long, it ceases to act after 24-72 hours (depending on the metabolic rate and the body’s sensitivity to the drug). Therefore, Moldavian Pharma trenbolone acetate 10 ml is often taken every other day, which allows it to maintain a constant concentration of the main component in the blood.

The dosage to be taken and the duration are decided individually. Since the drug is quite potent, you should start with a small dose and, after understanding your tolerance, increase it.

Do not take the drug without prior consultation, as there are contraindications to taking anabolic steroids. Do not use a large amount at once, so as not to cause an overdose.

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