Trenaject A (Trenbolon Acetat) 75 mg Eurochem Labs

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How to use Trenaject A (Trenbolon Acetat) 75 mg Eurochem Labs

Trenaject A (Trenbolon Acetat) 75 mg Eurochem Labs is considered one of the most powerful performance enhancing drugs for an athlete. The composition contains a steroid like trenbolone acetate. It is popular as a component of a combined course, as well as a stand-alone drug.

Main effects of Trenaject A (Trenbolon Acetat) 75 mg Eurochem Labs

This tool can be used for both dry classes and mass collection. This is because it has a high androgenic index. If you use it separately from other steroids, the following effects will be more noticeable:

  • relief traced;
  • elimination of excess fluid;
  • improved muscle definition;
  • increased productivity.

In a bulking course, consisting only of this steroid, you can count on an increase in lean and high quality muscle mass. Although trenbolone acetate is considered a fast steroid, the muscle growth effect will not be as pronounced as in the case of testosterone, for example. This is due to trenbolone’s lack of fluid retaining properties in the tissues.

During the combined courses, you can count on a pronounced increase in mass and an improvement in its relief, as Trenaject A (Trenbolon Acetat) 75 mg Eurochem Labs will emphasize the shape of the muscles well.

Possible negative effects

This steroid does not have the ability to convert to estrogen. Therefore, gynecomastia cannot be feared. However, since it is a potent androgen, it is difficult to avoid androgenic side effects:

  • active hair growth on the face and body;
  • baldness;
  • prostate enlargement;
  • skin problems.

For the same reason, trenbolone is not recommended for women.

Also, if you take too large a dose or delay the course, you may experience sleep problems. The drug strongly suppresses your own testosterone production. In addition, due to a failed injection, a strong cough may occur (if some of the substance enters the blood vessel).

Rules of the course

Before taking the drug, you should consult a doctor to exclude contraindications.

Small doses should be used for injections. 75 mg, as in this preparation, is the average amount. Injections are often administered (at least every other day), as the active substance does not last long in the body.

The duration of the course is determined individually and varies according to the results the athlete wants to achieve.

After the end of the intake, it is necessary to undergo post-course therapy to restore the functioning of the hormonal system and not to cause serious side effects.

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