Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Cygnus

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Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Cygnus: advice on how to take it

This Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Cygnus is fast acting. It is not only used in single classes. It is suitable for combination with other steroids. It can also be found in testosterone mixtures. It allows you to feel the effect of taking it immediately after the first injection. Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Cygnus is available as an injectable solution and is popular with doping athletes.

Main properties and principle of action of Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Cygnus

The effect of the drug ends approximately one day after administration. Therefore, the results come immediately. First of all, the athlete’s condition changes: more strength, increased libido and self-confidence. Increased motivation to exercise.

Already during physical exertion, the muscles grow more efficiently. After training, they recover faster. This is because testosterone affects the anabolic receptors in the muscles and promotes the formation of new tissue.

The fact that the active substance is excreted quickly means that it does not retain water in the body for a long time. Therefore, the muscle growth effect is not as pronounced as in other forms. But the recoil phenomenon is less, and this is one of the main advantages of Testosterone Propionate 10ml.

Tips for building courses

You should use this drug daily, beginners are recommended to use it every other day. It is suitable for mass gathering and drying classes. To adjust the action, it can be combined with other steroids and achieve better results.

Basic rules:

  • average dose: 50-100 mg;
  • introduction: intramuscularly;
  • course duration: from 6 weeks.

Dosage and duration of administration are determined individually. This will depend on the athlete’s goals, physical performance and previous experience with steroids.

During the course, it is important to take anti-estrogens, as testosterone propionate is aromatised. They will help eliminate side effects such as bloating and gynecomastia, which develop due to excess female hormones.

After taking it, it is important to undergo post-cycle therapy. It is necessary to restore the work of the body’s hormonal system, as endogenous testosterone production may decrease during the process.

Propionate is a form of the male hormone familiar to many athletes. It is popular with beginners and more experienced athletes.

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Testosteron propionat, Testosterone

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