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Main properties and rules for taking Testosterone mix 250 mg Moldavian Pharma

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It exists in many different forms. They differ from each other in their rate of absorption. Some increase the level of the hormone in the blood quickly and for a short time, others slowly and for a long time. If the properties of each form separately do not suit the athlete, he can use Testosterone mix 250 mg Moldavian Pharma. The drug contains four different testosterone esters, which makes its properties unique.

Principle of action of the combined drug Testosterone mix 250 mg Moldavian Pharma

The composition includes 4 forms, some of which have a short half-life and the other part is long. Their names:

  • enanthate – half-life of about 6-7 days;
  • phenylpropionate – about 4-5 days;
  • isocaproate – also 4-5 days;
  • propionate – up to 2 days.

What gives such an approach? The athlete has the opportunity to notice the effects from the beginning of the course, without the need for frequent injections, to constantly maintain a high level of the hormone in the blood. When the shorter steroid stops working, another form of activity begins. This happens from one injection to the next.

Main effects of taking

Testosteron Mix 10ml provides a powerful increase in muscle mass without a significant increase in fluid. Increases the endurance and strength indicator of the athlete. Increases aggressiveness, which helps you train longer and more effectively. In addition, testosterone develops secondary sexual characteristics in men and increases their libido. Under its influence, spermatogenesis develops and sexual behaviour improves.

Testosterone acts on anabolic receptors in muscles. They become able to form more proteins, in short, to supplement muscle development. Recovery between workouts is faster. Muscles, especially in the abdomen, become more defined as abdominal fat disappears.

These properties are characteristic of each form of the hormone that goes into the composition.

Side effects

The drug has a strong anabolic effect and pronounced androgenic characteristics. Therefore, it is recommended for use with concomitant medications, anti-estrogens, for example. In addition, you can not continue the course for a long time, otherwise such side effects are observed:

  • gynecomastia;
  • acne;
  • excessive hair growth.

After the course, there is a drop in the endogenous testosterone level. There are problems with potency and libido, energy and strength disappear. This problem is solved with the passage of post-cycle therapy.

If the effect of a certain form of hormone is not enough for you, you can use Testosterone Mix Moldavian Pharma 10ml. But before you start taking it, be sure to consult your doctor.

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