Testosterone C 200 mg Prime

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Testosterone C 200 mg Prime: instructions for use

Testosterone C 200 mg Prime contains testosterone cypionate. It is one of the esters of the hormone, which differs from the others in a long period of action. Simply put, it is absorbed into the blood for a long time, so it is not necessary to update the dosage too often. The remedy is widely used in bodybuilding and is popular among athletes seeking to increase muscle mass.

Principle of the drug

Testosterone C 200 mg Prime enters the bloodstream and replaces natural testosterone, performing its main functions. In the field of sport, such properties of the hormone are of particular interest:

  • changing the nitrogen balance in a positive direction, which allows the body to actively increase mass;
  • increasing appetite, which makes it easier for an athlete to gain weight;
  • increasing strength and endurance by enhancing the nutrition of muscle tissue with various beneficial substances.

Mass gain also occurs because testosterone retains water in the body. Part of the muscles will be water, so after the class, the phenomenon of recoil is inevitable.

Indications for taking Testosterone C 200 mg Prime

The use of Testosterone C 200 mg Prime has only one goal: mass gain. It is suitable for sportsmen who wish to increase their muscle mass, strength and endurance. The drug does not improve the relief of the figure, but causes the effect of pumping: fullness of muscles.

The tool allows you to train more often and longer, because testosterone is involved in tissue repair. It is also suitable for athletes who have joint or ligament problems. Due to the fluid retention, joint pain disappears and the risk of injury is reduced.

Possible side effects

Testosterone aromatises, can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and can also cause androgenic side effects. Therefore, the following symptoms sometimes occur when large doses are used:

  • increased oily skin and acne;
  • diminution of libido;
  • swelling and fat accumulation
  • gynaecomastia;
  • in predisposed individuals – baldness;
  • increased aggressiveness and irritability;
  • hirsutism (excessive hair growth on the face and body).

Anti-estrogens help to neutralise the side effects. After taking a steroid, post-cycle therapy is recommended. If everything is done correctly, the negative phenomena will not bother and the positive effect will be corrected.

Testosterone C 200 mg Prime intake course

Testosterone C 200 mg Prime is used once a week. Doses should not exceed 800 mg: in this case, side effects cannot be avoided.

Which dosage is suitable for you, the doctor will help you determine. He will also exclude possible contraindications and determine the optimal duration of the course. The drug is recommended only for men, as it causes rapid virilisation in women.

List of references

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