Testodex Cypionate 250 mg Sciroxx

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Testodex Cypionate 10 ml: description and dosage

Testosterone is produced in the form of different esters, which differ from each other in the time of action in the body. The longest of these is cypionate. It is he who is the active ingredient of the preparation Testodex Cypionate 10 ml Sciroxx. It is recommended to use it for combined and solo courses for those who are already familiar with the action of anabolic steroids.

Positive effect of Testodex Cypionate Sciroxx 10 ml

The drug is suitable for weight gain. Due to the fact that the period of action of the active component is long, it retains water, so muscle growth occurs quickly and noticeably. According to its principle of action, Testodex does not differ from natural testosterone:

  • stimulates anabolic receptors;
  • contributes to the conservation of nitrogen in the muscles;
  • accelerates the creation of muscle protein;
  • provides a rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • increases strength and endurance.

In addition, Testodex Cypionate 10ml affects a man’s behaviour, makes him more self-confident and increases libido. A significant part of the mass gained in the course falls into the water, so after the end of the intake, you should be ready to back off.

Possible negative effects

Despite the obvious advantages of this form of testosterone, the hormone also has disadvantages. In particular, it is about aromatisation, which means that the male hormone in the body will be converted into a female hormone: oestrogen. Due to excess oestrogen, a man may develop:

  • gynaecomastia;
  • fluid retention in the tissues (oedema);
  • fat deposition in the abdomen, thighs;
  • diminution of libido;
  • decreased endogenous testosterone production;
  • testicular atrophy.

Androgenic side effects such as acne, oily skin and other problems are also possible. The correct course and post-cycle therapy will help to avoid most of these problems.

Rules for taking

Testodex Cypionate Sirox 10ml contains 250mg of active substance in 1ml of product. This dosage is considered optimal for most athletes who wish to gain muscle mass. It is sometimes increased to 500mg.

Too high doses do not affect the effect in any way, they only increase the likelihood of side effects.

Usually the duration of the course is 4 weeks. Recommendations:

  • take anti-oestrogens;
  • undergo post-cycle therapy;
  • prolonged use of gonadotropins.

Before using steroids, it is important to consult your doctor. This will help to eliminate contraindications and determine the optimal dosage. With this approach, the probability of negative consequences is reduced to zero.

List of references

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