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Drug Description Testo Ripped 10ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Many anabolic steroids provide a synergistic effect when taken together. It is for this reason that athletes often combine several drugs and achieve more pronounced results. By buying Testo Ripped 10ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals, you can forget about introducing different products separately. One bottle already contains a mixture of well-matched steroids that guarantee a long-lasting result.

Composition of Testo Ripped and its effects

The combination consists of three substances. The first one is trenbolone acetate. A popular steroid for cutting and gaining quality muscle mass. The second is drostanolone propionate. It perfectly preserves muscles during drying and removes excess fluid from the body. The third is testosterone propionate. The fastest acting testosterone ester, which is also used for drying and promotes a set of quality muscles.

Thanks to their combination you get a powerful anabolic steroid that provides:

  • set of dry and high quality mass (about 7 kg per course);
  • significant increase in strength indicators;
  • noticeable increase in sexual desire;
  • elimination of excess fat and fluid.

Cancellation of the course of Testo Ripped 10ml will not lead to weight loss. The result is almost 100% preserved.

Side effects

The product has a rather high androgenic index. Therefore, the side effects that characterize it are:

  • acne;
  • baldness (in predisposed persons);
  • active hair growth on the body and face;
  • prostate enlargement.

In addition, the drug significantly suppresses the production of its own testosterone. Therefore, after the end of the course, its level in the blood drops, which leads to problems with sexual function and deterioration of well-being.

To reduce the risk of side effects, find out the intake recommendations.

Recommendations and warnings for use

Testo Ripped Magnus Pharma contains 250 mg of active ingredient per 1 ml of liquid for injection. This dosage is the starting option. Injections are performed once a week, as the components of the drug have a different period of action. To achieve maximum effect, you must comply with the sports nutrition and training regime. The course usually lasts 8 weeks.

Important! The dosage and duration of administration must be selected individually. Each athlete has his own physical performance and goals for steroid use, as well as his experience of past use. On this basis, a cycle is planned.

Testosterone propionate, which is included in the composition, has the property of aromatisation. Therefore, anti-oestrogens may be required during the course.

After the reception is completed, post-cycle therapy is required. It will restore the body’s testosterone production and help maintain the effect obtained when using the steroid.

Be sure to consult your doctor before injection. This is important to avoid contraindications. If you follow the rules, you will achieve an amazing drying effect without harming the body.

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