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Testo Mix 400 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals: description and effects on the body

Testo Mix is a compound preparation containing several active ingredients. It provides a prolonged effect on the body after injection, so that injections are often not required. Testo Mix 400 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals is used for mass gaining courses.

Description of the composition Testo Mix

This drug contains a mixture of different esters of testosterone, the main male sex hormone. A mixture of four of them is a classic combination and is called in one word Sustanon. This includes the following testosterone esters:

  • propionate;
  • phenylpropionate;
  • isocaproate;
  • decanate

In total, 250 mg of the active substance with a strong anabolic and androgenic effect are obtained.

Separately, the manufacturer added another ester: enanthate. It is 150 mg here. It further prolongs the duration of the drug. Thus, it turns out that the composition contains 5 types of testosterone.

Main effects Dough Mix 400 Magnus Pharmaceuticals 10 ml

The effect of the drug can be compared with any form of testosterone separately. The reception results are as follows:

  • increase in muscle mass;
  • slowing down the process of muscle breakdown;
  • stimulation of appetite;
  • increased endurance;
  • improved tissue nutrition;
  • high libido.

The effect occurs at the beginning of the course, as the composition contains propionate and provides fast action. The result of the dosage will last for a week (in some cases longer, it depends on the metabolism of a particular person). To understand how much Testo Mix 400 10 ml you will need to obtain the effect, you should consult a sports doctor.

Possible side effects

Testosterone has a high anabolic and androgenic index. It is also prone to aromatisation and can suppress your own testosterone production. In the context of taking acne, gynecomastia, increased hair growth and other unpleasant symptoms may occur. To avoid them, you need to:

  • adhere to a strict regimen;
  • use anti-estrogens;
  • complete the course on time;
  • undergo post-cycle therapy.

Women do not use these drugs because they cause virilization symptoms. So Testo Mix is a steroid for men.

List of references

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