Test P (Testosterone Propionate) 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Test P 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals: directions for use

This steroid contains testosterone propionate as the active ingredient. It is considered a popular anabolic steroid and is used by both experienced athletes and beginners. Test P 10ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals is available as a solution for injection. At that time, when different testosterone esters were just being invented, it was propionate that became the first and started to be used in sports.

Effects of Test P 10 ml on the body

All forms of testosterone have the same effects. They differ only slightly, as they have different half-lives. Propionate is considered a fast steroid. It provides an effect soon after the onset of the course and is rapidly excreted from the body.

Its main actions:

  • affects nitrogen balance;
  • increases the amount of insulin-like growth factor;
  • causes an increase in the size of muscle cells and accelerates their recovery.

This results in an increase in muscle mass, a pumping effect and an increase in strength indicators. Also in the course of Test P 10 ml there is an increase in libido.

This drug does not retain water as much as the other forms. This only occurs at high doses. Therefore, the growth of muscle mass occurs more gradually, it is of high quality, it is dry. For this reason, propionate is often used for drying.

Rules of course construction

For a course consisting only of testosterone propionate to be effective, you must choose the correct dosage and concomitant medications. A sports doctor can help you do this. According to general recommendations, it is recommended that beginners use 50 mg of the substance and more experienced ones 100 mg. Injections should be done every other day or everyday.

Testosterone can increase the level of oestrogen, so anti-oestrogen medication is recommended during the course. This helps to avoid side effects, which we will discuss below.

The duration of the intake, on average, is 6 weeks. Afterwards, post-cycle therapy is recommended. This is necessary to support the hormonal system and the production of endogenous testosterone.

In addition, Test P Magnus Pharma 10ml can be combined with other medications.

Side effects and warnings

Testosterone tends to convert to oestrogen, as does dihydrotestosterone. From there, androgenic and anabolic side effects develop: gynecomastia, skin problems, baldness, prostate problems. This hormone is not recommended for women in high doses, as it leads to masculinisation. In men, the production of their own testosterone is suppressed in the context of prolonged courses.

There are also local reactions: pain, redness at the injection site, skin irritation. Since injections must be frequent, it is important to choose different injection sites so as not to worsen the condition.

Otherwise, testosterone is the most widely used and safest drug. It has no toxic effects on the liver and kidneys. With the correct preparation of the course and PCT approval, it provides an excellent effect and does not harm health.

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Testosteron propionat, Testosterone

Active ingredient, mg



10 ampoules, Bottle

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