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Characterization of the drug

The use of peptides in sport is a popular practice, this is because these drugs help to quickly achieve the desired results. They make the body more toned, pumped, form stiff and dense muscles. And they also help to cope with heavy loads more easily, make the recovery of the body quick and painless. Among these drugs, TB 500 2 mg Canada Peptides are worth mentioning.

Information about TB 500 2 mg

TB 500 2 mg is a powerful peptide formulation that is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring thymosin beta peptide. It is popular in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Its primary use is to increase endurance and speed recovery after hard training, power loads.

Reviews about TB 500 2 mg are mostly positive. Athletes confirm that the use of the drug improves the condition of the body, increases endurance. And also with the use of the course, there is an improvement in the appearance of the body, an increase in muscle.

Form of release, packaging and composition.

Form of release of the drug TB 500 2 mg – injections or solution.

Manufacturer: Canada Peptides.

Injections of TB 500 Canada Peptides have the following components:

  • active substance is thymosin beta 4;
  • oil base;
  • auxiliary components.

The drug is available in the form of a solution with an oily structure. It is completely clear, contains no turbidity, no sediment is formed.

Course of administration and dosage

First you should read the instructions, it indicates how to take TB 500 Canada Peptides. You can also consult a specialist for further advice.

Dosage of TB 500 Canada Peptides per day is 200 mcg. To eliminate pain and discomfort in the joints after training, 500 mcg per day should be administered. It can be used at 2000 mcg twice a week for fast recovery and increased endurance. Course TB 500 Canada Peptides can last for 1 to 2 months.

Pharmacological action TB 500 2 mg

Before buying TB 500 2 mg in injections it is worth considering the pharmacological properties. They affect the severity and speed of the desired results. This remedy is a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide thymosin beta 4. This component is synthesised by all tissues and fluids of the human body. Its main function is to accelerate the recovery of damaged cells.

Properties of the preparation TB 500 2 mg:

  • rapid recovery of all body tissues;
  • increased endurance and strength indicators;
  • elimination of pain in joints and muscles;
  • increased elasticity of connective tissues;
  • suppression of muscle spasms;
  • improving the appearance of the body;
  • increased stiffness and density of muscles.

Possible side effects of taking. Overdose

Side effects may occur in very rare cases. They may appear with improper use of the drug, violation of the scheme of application, exceeding the recommended doses.

Sometimes, while using the drug TB 500 2 mg the following unpleasant conditions may appear:

  • redness and burning at the injection site;
  • headache;
  • jumps in blood pressure;
  • nausea;
  • violation of the digestive system.

Storage conditions of the medicinal product and expiry date.

Storage of TB 500 2 mg injections should be done in a cool place, the best option would be a refrigerator – the lower area or shelves in the door. The drug perfectly retains its basic properties at temperatures of +2 to +6 degrees. Shelf life: no more than 2 years. It should be stored in a blister, it should be placed in a cardboard box.

Buy TB 500 2 mg online in the United Kingdom

Buy TB 500 Canada Peptides in the United Kingdom can be found on our website. The online shop offers only tested and original drugs, they are safe for health. In the catalogue you can familiarise yourself with the assortment, in it you can also buy TB 500 Canada Peptides in injections at an affordable price.

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