Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan

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How to use Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan

Sustanon is a mixture of various testosterone esters. Initially, it was created for people who have problems with endogenous testosterone production. Its main idea is to reduce the frequency of injections and to ensure a constantly high level of a synthetic analogue of a natural hormone in the blood. Today Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan is also available for sports purposes. It allows you to achieve better results in sports.

Description of the drug Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan and principle of action

The composition of the drug contains 4 forms of testosterone. They differ only in the rate of absorption. Esters are combined in the following proportions:

  • propionate – 30 mg;
  • phenylpropionate – 60 mg;
  • isocaproate – 60 mg;
  • decanoate – 100 mg.

Due to the fact that they have the same effect on the body and the rate of absorption is different, it results in maintaining a constantly high level of the hormone in the blood. For medical purposes, injections are performed only once every 3 weeks, which is very convenient. For sports purposes, this is done more frequently. But taking Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan is still convenient.

How it affects the body: positive effects

The active ingredient of the drug has the same properties as each testosterone individually. These are the main effects for which Sustanon 1 ml is interesting:

  • significant increase in muscle mass;
  • slowing down the process of muscle destruction;
  • increased appetite;
  • increased oxygen capacity of the blood;
  • increased sexual desire.

Testosterone also improves motivation, increases aggressiveness and helps the athlete recover faster after a workout.

How to take: recommendations

Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan is generally taken by men. It is recommended for weight gain classes. For these purposes, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • the average duration of admission is 10 weeks;
  • frequency of injections – 1 time per week;
  • the average dose is 250-500 mg;
  • injection site – gluteal muscles;
  • additional medications: aromatase inhibitors;
  • the need for post cycle therapy is.

Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan can be taken only after consulting a doctor. Self-consumption can be harmful to health, as the drug has side effects.

What side effects can occur

Sustanon 250 mg Aburaihan is basically testosterone. It has the same anabolic and androgenic index, it is able to convert into estrogen and suppress the production of natural testosterone. That is why the following side effects are possible:

  • gynecomastia;
  • fat deposition;
  • low libido;
  • testicular atrophy;
  • acne
  • increased hair growth on body and face;
  • baldness;
  • increased cholesterol;
  • local reactions.

Taking aromatase inhibitors and post-cycle therapy will prevent these unpleasant phenomena. If the course is constructed correctly, the effect of the testosterone mixture will not keep you waiting.

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