Strombaged 10 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

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Principle of action of Strombaged 10 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals and characteristics of intake

Synthetic steroids help to achieve high performance in sports and form an expressive athletic figure. Strombaged 10 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals contains stanozolol, a steroid with unique properties that has high anabolic activity and low androgenic index. It is used in cutting cycles and can be combined with other steroids.

Main positive properties of Strombaged 10 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

It is difficult to find an analogue for this drug. It is known as a potent fat burner and in addition:

  • gives the muscles a strong relief;
  • makes the body more resistant;
  • improves appetite;
  • eliminates excess water;
  • has anti-estrogenic and anti-progestogenic effects.

It should be used quickly for drying. The active component of the drug Strombed exhibits the properties of other steroids, enhances them. Therefore, it is often used in various combinations. By itself, it does not increase muscle mass, but is able to give you maximum expressiveness.

Side effects

Since the remedy removes water from the tissues, it also affects the synovial fluid. As a result, joints may ache, increasing the risk of ligament injuries. The problem is solved by taking special supplements, as well as using steroids that accumulate fluid and are known for their ability to support the joints: testosterone and deca-durabolin.

Other side effects:

  • hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • increased levels of bad cholesterol;
  • liver toxicity.

When large doses are used, manifestations of androgenic side effects are possible. These include baldness, enlarged prostate, hirsutism and others.

The remedy is contraindicated in people with diseases of the prostate, cardiovascular system and liver.

Recommended use

Strombaged 10 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals has a very convenient dosage. One tablet contains 10 mg of the active ingredient. For track and field athletes, boxers and those who want to increase their endurance, 1 tablet per day is sufficient.

To achieve the full effect of lean and expressive muscles, it is recommended to take 30-50 mg per day, and so on for 4-6 weeks. The longer the course, the greater the risk of side effects.

Post-cycle therapy is necessary. It is carried out 2-3 days after the end of stanozolol intake. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended:

  • use sports nutrition;
  • adherence to the training regime;
  • diet for relief.

Popular advice: take stanozolol with testosterone. In such a course, high-quality muscle mass will be built, without excess water, and the joints will not suffer. Before use, consult your doctor.

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