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Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid. It is available in both tablet form and as a solution for injection, as in Stanozolol Injectable Oil 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals. Perfect for a variety of sports purposes, it has a high anabolic and low androgenic index. Approved for human use. It has a short half-life, so injections over the course should be made frequently.

How Stanozolol Injection Oil 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals affects the body

Stanozolol Injection Oil 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals is popular in bodybuilding, weightlifting, crossfit and other sports fields. It has the following effects:

  • slightly affects the mass, it is more aimed at the quality of muscles;
  • significantly increases strength and endurance, helps to withstand high loads;
  • eliminates excess fat and subcutaneous water, allowing you to achieve a more expressive figure;
  • in itself can have the effects of anti-estrogen and anti prolactin, which deprives the drug of a lot of side effects.

Use injectable Stanozolol Injection Oil 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals, based on these properties, during drying cycles. It makes the muscles more prominent and dry, it is able to emphasise the venous visibility.

Negative consequences

Gynecomastia, edema and other problems associated with excess oestrogen or prolactin do not occur while taking stanozolol. But the drug does have other side effects. They occur in long courses of administration or in situations where the athlete uses large doses:

  • pain during joint work;
  • hypertension;
  • an increase of bad cholesterol in the blood;
  • androgenic side effects (acne, hirsutism, baldness): occur very rarely;
  • painful injections and irritation at the injection site.

With caution, people with heart problems should take the drug, especially in large doses. There may be contraindications to taking anabolic steroids, so you should always consult a doctor before use and also follow the rules of admission.

Application characteristics

Stanozolol Injection Oil 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals injection should be taken every day. The optimal dose is 30-50 mg per day, but it may vary according to individual needs and characteristics of the human body. Sometimes 10 mg per day is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

It is not recommended to take it for a long time to avoid joint problems. Optimal period: 4-6 weeks. To avoid adverse reactions, it is recommended:

  • take joint supplements;
  • use symptomatic treatment (e.g. pills for high blood pressure);
  • take omega-3 to normalise cholesterol levels.

After the abolition of stanozolol, post-cycle therapy is necessary. It will help the body to release testosterone again in the required amounts.

This is why it is so important to consult your doctor before using this hormone. If taken incorrectly, it can be harmful, but if you follow the scheme, the effects will only be positive.

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