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Description of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs

Steroids with low androgenic and high anabolic properties are often used in intense sports. They help to gain muscle mass quickly, tone and sculpt the body. But also another purpose of use is to increase strength and endurance, which is especially important before competitions. Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs has these properties. This is an effective steroid remedy that helps to gain muscle mass quickly.

Information about Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs

Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs is a popular steroid that is in demand in the bodybuilding and weightlifting industry. It has a pronounced anabolic effect and also has moderate androgenic activity. The use of the drug allows you to quickly increase muscle mass, tighten the body, make the muscles dense, rigid and relieved. And also significantly increases the potency indicators.

Reviews of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs are mostly positive. Many athletes confirm that the drug fully meets all the declared properties. It helps to improve the body in a short time, makes it swollen and toned. It is often used before preparing for competitions.

Release form, packaging and composition.

The release form of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs tablets, they are intended for oral use.

Manufacturer: Pharmacom Laboratories. A popular pharmaceutical company that also produces drugs for athletes.

Pharmacom Labs Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs tablets contain the following ingredients:

  • The active substance is stanozolol;
  • Auxiliary elements.

The tablets are small in size, the structure is completely white. On one side there is a risk centre, and on the other side there is a signalling system.

Pharmacological action Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs

Before buying Stanos, 10 mg is worth considering pharmacological properties. It affects the severity and speed of the desired results. This is a steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect and moderate androgenic activity.

The active component penetrates into the nucleus of cells, increasing the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and structural proteins. It improves tissue respiration, triggers oxidative phosphorylation, and ATP synthesis. And also when it is used, the accumulation of macroergics in the composition of cells is observed. The drug has a positive effect on tissue tropism, promoting the deposition of calcium in the bones and joints.

Among the main properties of the drug Stanos tablets 10 mg can be distinguished:

  • Increased growth of muscle tissue;
  • Improving the appearance of the body, it becomes toned and elastic;
  • Muscles become hard and dense;
  • Relief is created on the surface of the muscles;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Increased strength indicators;
  • Rapid recovery after workouts;
  • Improvement of hormonal background;
  • Increased libido;
  • Elimination of liquid
  • Burning of body fat.

Course of administration and dosage

First you should read the instructions that indicate how to take Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs. You can also additionally consult with a specialist, he will give you recommendations on the correct use, dosages.

Minimum dosage of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs should be 15 mg, it is recommended to start with it. After that, you can gradually increase the dose if no side effects appear. The maximum allowable dose per day should not exceed 50-60 mg. It is recommended to take twice a day with meals.

The course of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs Recommended for athletes 21 years and older who do not have excess body fat, and also should already have a certain amount of muscle mass. The average period of admission should not be more than 6 weeks.

Possible side effects. Overdose

Side effects of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs rarely occur. They can be caused by improper use of the drug, violation of the scheme of application, exceeding the recommended doses.

Sometimes, during the use of the drug Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs, the following unpleasant conditions may occur:

  • Education acne;
  • Increased oiliness of the skin;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Hair loss, baldness;
  • Increased hair growth on the body;
  • Decreased libido.

Contraindications for use

Before using the drug Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs, it is worth considering contraindications, restrictions on admission. They are indicated in the instructions attached to the drug. You can also consult with your doctor. He will indicate when it is better to refuse the use of the drug or select the safest replacement.

Among the general contraindications to the drug Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs are:

  • Individual intolerance to constituent components;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys;
  • Violation of the work of the heart, blood vessels;
  • Age under 18 years;
  • Pregnancy, lactation.

Interactions of Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs with other drugs

No interaction information is available for Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs. It can be combined with other steroids. Also, after using the product, you can use medications to restore testosterone levels in the blood, as well as to prevent aromatization.

But it is better to use the preparation alone. Thus, it exhibits better therapeutic properties. In addition, it is recommended to follow a diet with a minimum fat content.

Storage conditions of the drug and expiration date

Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs tablets should be stored in a dry and dark place. The drug perfectly retains its basic properties at temperatures from +20 to +26 degrees. Shelf life – no more than 2 years. It should be stored in a blister pack, it should be placed in a cardboard box.

Buy Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs online in the USA

Buy Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs in the United States can be found on our website. The online store offers only tested and original drugs, are safe for health. In the catalogue you can familiarise yourself with the assortment, in it you can also buy Stanos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs at an affordable price.

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