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Tropin is a drug whose active ingredient is somatropin, the growth hormone. This substance is naturally secreted in the body, but in adulthood it is already in insufficient quantity to have a valid effect in sport. SP Tropin 10 IU SP Laboratories is also used in bodybuilding by athletes who wish to achieve an expressive body shape, but do not wish to increase their strength and endurance.

How growth hormone works

Somatotropin is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. In childhood and adolescence, it induces active growth of tubular bones. But these are not it’s only properties.

When the amount of somatropin in the blood increases, the insulin-like growth factor begins to be produced in the liver. Like growth hormone itself, it promotes muscle growth and other positive phenomena.

In addition, the substance is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, increasing blood glucose levels. The preparations use recombinant growth hormone, which fully reproduces the properties of the natural hormone.

Main positive properties of SP Tropin 10 IU SP Laboratories

Somatotropin has the following effects on the body:

  • anabolic (increases protein synthesis);
  • anti-catabolic (slows protein breakdown);
  • fat burner (eliminates subcutaneous deposits);
  • immunostimulant (boosts the body’s defenses);
  • healing (accelerates tissue repair after injury).

In addition, the remedy promotes calcium absorption by bone tissue, strengthening bones, joints and tendons and reducing trauma.

In sport, growth hormone increases lean muscle mass, characterized by rigidity and venous visibility. It does not have a strong recoil effect, despite the fact that muscle growth occurs, notably due to water retention in muscle cells.

Side effects

SP Tropin 10 IU SP Laboratories is one of the safest. It can be used by women as it has no androgenic side effects. Men will appreciate the absence of estrogenic effects. However, negative effects may occur if the drug is used incorrectly (too long or in inappropriate doses):

  • pinched nerve in the wrist
  • excessive water retention (edema);
  • muscle or joint pain;
  • lethargy, frequent urination (hyperglycemia);
  • thyroid gland suppression.

There are some contraindications. Since somatotropin accelerates the growth of all tissues, it should not be taken in the presence of neoplasms and other diseases associated with organ or tissue enlargement. Pregnancy and breast-feeding are also considered contraindications. Age up to 21 (until the growth zones in the bones have closed) is unacceptable for somatotropin use without medical indication.

Recommendations for use

To take the hormone comfortably, you should choose an individual dosage according to your needs. Main recommendations:

  • administration by injection;
  • the best time to use it is just before bedtime.
  • frequency of use: 3 to 4 times a week;
  • course duration: 2-3 months (depending on results).

Medical consultation is necessary as some contraindications are asymptomatic.

List of references

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