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SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories is a fairly young steroid. In the bodybuilding and weightlifting world, this is a fairly well known drug. And there is a reason for that. This drug is a strong androgenic steroid with high anabolic quality. It is completely fragrance free.

Application of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories

In the body of an athlete taking this remedy, the oestrogen in the blood does not reach a high concentration and does not fear feminization. In addition, the liquid does not accumulate in the body. It is an excellent tool to prepare for competition. A diet rich in protein will work with this drug. Thanks to the diet, fat deposits will decrease and, with the help of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories, muscles will become very hard.

Properties of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories: due to the highly androgenic effect of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories, overtraining will not occur, regeneration will be accelerated, muscle mass and relief will increase, clear contours will appear. Strength and endurance will also increase. You can take Oxandrolone with SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories. It should be noted that the liquid will not remain in the body, it will only increase muscle mass. The most important effect of the reception is that the muscles harden, their mass increases and the relief becomes clear.

Contraindications and side effects

The course of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories should not be taken for a long time, as it can be called poisonous. The duration of admission should not exceed 8 weeks. The drug has a strong effect on the kidneys and not so much on the liver. If you take it longer than expected, you may notice that your urine darkens and blood may also appear. If you take this remedy, drink about three litres of water a day. This is necessary to flush the kidneys. In very rare cases hair loss and rash may occur.

After completing the course of SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories, there may be a small breakdown. However, the muscle mass will remain for a long time. SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories is not recommended and even contraindicated for beginners, as well as for women. But some women still take it. Before starting the course, you should carefully study the instructions for using SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories.

SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories dosage and overdose

Athletes often inject themselves twice a week. Someone takes 300 milligrams a week, that’s three ampoules. This is the optimal dosage. With it you can get the best results. It is recommended to take 100 milligrams of the drug every other day with Winstrol (50 to 100 milligrams every other day). Or testosterone propionate every day.

If you are interested in a strong and rapid increase of muscle mass, you can add methane 30 mg per day or oxandrolone – 25 mg per day. Do not exceed the dosage and abuse the drug. This can be very harmful to the kidneys. It is best to take SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories under the supervision of a specialist. He should also prescribe the dosage. In fact, with abuse and overdose, the changes in the body can be irreversible. You can still buy SP Parabolan 100 mg SP Laboratories in the online shop and order delivery.

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