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SP Cut-Stack 150 mg SP Laboratories is a mixture of three drugs: drostanolone propionate, trenbolone acetate and testosterone propionate. This mixture is designed to develop lean mass and incredible muscle relief. Many call it an effective drug for a qualitative increase and volumization of muscles.

For the human body, the actions of the components of a vial of steroids are virtually harmless. The effect on the body begins immediately after the start of injections.


It has already been noted above that this steroid contains three anabolics. These are testosterone propionate, drostanolone propionate and trenbolone acetate. The three substances have a mass of 50 grams. The total weight of the substances is 150 grams.

In addition, SP SP Cut-Stack 150 mg SP Laboratories is oil based and contains esters to provide a high degree of androgenicity. With the help of such a steroid, you can not only build mass or increase muscle strength, but also stabilise libido or burn fat.

The mixture works effectively, because all substances are perfectly combined in it. This combination is not only harmless and effective, but also works well over time. This suggests that constant monitoring of the frequency of drug administration is not necessary.

Instructions for taking

Bodybuilders have praised this anabolic blend for several effects. With it, athletes can:

  • increase muscle mass without accumulating fat or accumulating water in the body;
  • eliminate excess weight in the body;
  • increase the duration of training and increase endurance by increasing the additional load.
  • During the course of taking a steroid, an athlete may experience an increase in strength and tone.


Athletes looking to build muscle mass or burn body fat should take the drug in doses of 750-1000 mg weekly. These doses should be divided into 3-4 doses. Of course, you should first take the anabolic mixture at lower doses and, in case of side effects, gradually increase the dosage.

But still, consulting a doctor before taking the drug does not hurt. Despite the supposed safety of the drug, high doses can cause migraines, skin rashes, high blood pressure, body hair and aggressive behaviour.

Course of intake

You can buy SP Cut-Stack 150 mg SP Laboratories in the USA from a reliable online shop at a great price. But before that, you should know the features of the process of taking an anabolic drug mixture. The minimum duration of use of the mixture is 6 weeks, the maximum drug is taken for 9 weeks.

The enhanced body fat burning effect occurs with the addition of any aromatase inhibitor. It is likely that you can combine the drug with stanozolol.

At the end of the course, a therapeutic treatment for 3-4 weeks is recommended. For its implementation, a combination of сlomid and cabergoline is suitable.

List of references

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Drostanolon, Testosteron propionat, Trenbolone

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1 bottle, ml


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SP Laboratories

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