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Not all medicines used by athletes are immediately available in ready-to-use form. Some of them need to be prepared before use. For example, they need to be diluted in a special solution. This is how peptides are prepared, for example. SP Bacterios 10 ml SP Laboratories is designed precisely for this. It is necessary to prepare the liquid form of the drug. The composition contains benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride.

How SP Bacterios 10 ml SP Laboratories affects the body

By itself, the liquid has no pharmacological properties. It acquires the properties of the drug diluted in it. But as a solvent, the product provides:

  • elimination of any micro-organisms that may enter the solution from the outside;
  • acceleration of the absorption of the steroid, peptide or other selected drug;
  • increased shelf life of the funds diluted in it;
  • increased bioavailability of selected products.

The fact is that any water has a high bioavailability. If the powdered drug is diluted in liquid, the active substance is absorbed much faster than when swallowing a tablet (pressed powder).

Negative consequences

SP Bacterios 10 ml SP Laboratories has no side effects. It is safe for all groups of people, including allergy sufferers. If, after taking the medicine with the use of this liquid, side symptoms appear, then they are associated with the active ingredient of the main agent and not with the solvent.

Characteristics of the plug

To prepare a solution for injection, it is necessary to mix the active substance with the liquid in the vial. The ratio depends on the main drug, so read its instructions before use.

The resulting solution can be administered both intramuscularly and subcutaneously.

In addition, this product is also used for external use. The liquid can be used to moisten dressings and treat wounds. Thus, Bacterios is a versatile solvent that can be used in many ways without fear of side effects.

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