Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs

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Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs principle of action and intake characteristics

Athletes actively use testosterone and its derivatives as doping agents. There are many modern steroids and each hormone can exist in different forms. They all have their own advantages, which is why combined courses and mixtures of different forms of a hormone are so popular.

Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs is a combination of 4 testosterone esters, which differ in the rate of breakdown of the main component in the body. The drug is popular because it provides a quick effect and does not require frequent injections.

Main positive properties of Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs

The remedy is characterised by the same effects as testosterone. First of all, this hormone is appreciated for its ability to build muscle mass in large volumes. It is also suitable for athletes with joint problems, as it increases the amount of synovial fluid.

Furthermore, when taking the drug, such positive changes are observed:

  • pumping effect during training;
  • marked increase in strength;
  • increased appetite;
  • accelerated recovery of the body;
  • increased libido during the cycle.

The composition includes types of testosterone such as:

  • propionate;
  • phenyl propionate
  • isocaproate;
  • decanoate

When the activity of the faster-acting forms decreases, the next long-acting ester begins to act, leading to a constant concentration of testosterone in the blood.

Side effects

The main problem with the product is the taste. The male hormone is converted into the female hormone (oestrogen), which can lead to gynaecomastia, oedema and even fat accumulation. However, the problem is easily solved by taking anti-oestrogens.

Androgenic side effects are possible, the most common being acne, increased aggression and active hair growth on the body and face. If you do not take more than the recommended doses, the androgenicity of the drug is not as strong.

Taking a synthetic hormone causes the body to reduce the natural production of testosterone. Therefore, at the end of the reception there is a drop in libido and physical performance. This can be corrected by taking post-cycle therapy.

The hormone tends to retain water, so that after the cancellation of the course, there is a phenomenon of withdrawal. This is standard for this steroid and is a consequence of its effects, not a side effect.

Recommendations for use

Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs contains 250mg of active ingredient. This dose is considered optimal and is taken once a week. If the effect is not sufficient or absent, the dose can be increased to 500 mg per week. The drug is administered intramuscularly.

Recommended duration of intake: 10 weeks.

During the course it is necessary to take anti-oestrogens and gonadotropins, as well as from time to time to perform oestrogen tests. 1-2 weeks after hormone withdrawal, you can stop taking anti-estrogens and start post-cycle therapy, which will restore the body’s function to produce testosterone on its own.

Since there are contraindications to taking anabolic steroids, you cannot take the mixture without consulting a doctor. Taking steroids responsibly will save you from serious side effects.

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