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Proviron 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals: description and dosage

Proviron is a drug of the androgen group. It is used as a single course steroid and as a component of combination courses, as well as post-cycle therapy. The versatility of Proviron 50mg from Magnus Pharmaceuticals has made it popular with bodybuilders, men and women. We will consider the intricacies of its use below.

Positive effects of Proviron 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The androgenic properties of Proviron are not very pronounced. This allows it to be used by beginners and women (in small doses). It is suitable as a drying medium, as it improves the relief of the figure, tightens the muscles and has mild fat burning properties.

It is also a weak aromatase inhibitor. It can protect against the manifestations of oestrogen dominance in men: gynaecomastia, oedema, high blood pressure and other problems.

The most pronounced property of Proviron 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals is an increase in libido and an increase in erection. It can be used as a concomitant drug in a course of steroids that suppress sexual function in athletes.

Possible negative effects

Taking Proviron, in most cases, does not cause side effects. But, being an androgen, in high doses it can cause:

  • hypertrophy (enlargement) of the prostate;
  • baldness (especially in predisposed individuals);
  • acne and other skin problems;
  • virilisation in women (acquisition of masculine features).

It is recommended to limit the dosage and to have a preventive examination of the prostate in case of a prolonged course of Proviron.

Since this medicine is a powerful erection stimulant, a permanent erection may be observed at high doses, causing pain. In this case, you should wait until the effect wears off and discontinue the medicine for a while or use it in a reduced dose.

Dosage rules

The optimal dose of Proviron 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals. This is a safe amount for men. You need to take it every day. For a more pronounced effect, it is recommended to increase the dose to a maximum of 100 mg per day.

Women are advised not to take more than 25 mg of the drug per day and to limit the treatment to a few weeks.

If Proviron is part of post-cycle therapy, the dose is determined individually, depending on the other medications used. As a PCT, Proviron helps to maintain normal libido.

List of references

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