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Description and characteristics about taking Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Primobol, which is the main ingredient of the steroid, is considered the safest steroid on the market. It is taken by athletes of both sexes, as the drug has a low androgenic index and does not cause virilization in women when taken correctly. Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is suitable even for beginners. It is used both alone and in combination with other steroids. All this makes the drug one of the most versatile.

Main indications: in which case Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is taken

The drug has only 88% of the anabolic activity of testosterone, if you compare them. And the androgenic index reaches only 44%. Therefore, it has a very mild effect and is perfect as a supplement to a combined course.

It works to preserve muscle mass, not to gain it. It is therefore recommended to use it during drying cycles. It removes excess fluid from the body, helps burn fat and improves the quality of muscle mass.

The effect of weight gain is small. But Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals does not cause a pronounced setback. The result achieved by the athlete in the solo run will remain with him even after the remedy is eliminated.

Side effects and tips on how to avoid them

To avoid negative effects, the medication should be taken according to a clear schedule, which will be agreed with the doctor. The course, which will be completed on time, will not cause adverse reactions in the body.

This is because Primobol does not tend to convert into estrogen. It does not contribute to gynecomastia or fluid accumulation. In addition, it has little effect on the body’s testosterone production. Violations in this area are only possible if the course is delayed.

And because of the low androgenic index, it does not cause baldness, prostate problems or acne in men, and in women it does not develop secondary male sexual characteristics. Therefore, the steroid can rightly be considered safe. But that does not mean that you can claim it. A consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Gripping recommendations

So, the best target to use Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is drying. To maintain muscle mass, but improve relief, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • the course should last up to 8 weeks for the effect to be complete;
  • the duration of the course in each case is decided separately;
  • the average injection dose of primobol is 400 mg;
  • beginners can use from 100 mg, for women the dose is reduced several times;
  • frequency of application of the prescribed dose – 1 time per week;
  • after the end of intake, post-cycle therapy is prescribed to restore testosterone production.

Injections are administered intramuscularly and do not cause any problems, as they are rarely needed. The active substance has a long half-life. The effect comes on gradually. You should not expect ultra-fast results from Primobol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, but they will be long-lasting and of high quality.

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