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Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs: description and dosage

Trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids. If we compare it with synthetic testosterone, an analogue of the natural sex hormone, trenbolone has 5 times higher activity. But it works in the body differently than testosterone, respectively, the effect will be different. Tren Enantat 200mg Pharmacom Labs is mainly for those who want to increase their strength and endurance.

Positive effects of Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs

Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs allows for a good increase in muscle mass. However, the muscles will be stiff and dry, so the series will not take place quickly, but gradually. The result will be a relief figure with dense and hard muscles.

In the cutting cycle, trenbolone can be used as a way to preserve muscle mass and further enhance relief.

The most tangible effect of Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs is an increase in strength and endurance. The drug makes a person capable of performing more complex and prolonged workouts. The body under the influence of a steroid recovers faster and can tolerate high loads. This makes this hormone an excellent choice to prepare for competitions.

Possible negative effects

Due to the high androgenic activity of the active substance, the drug can cause such side effects:

  • problematic skin: acne, increased fat content;
  • baldness, as a rule, is observed in predisposed persons;
  • hirsutism (excessive hair growth in places where normally there is not much hair);
  • prostate enlargement (growth of tissue that can lead to various negative consequences).

Trenbolone can also affect the body’s production of testosterone. For this reason, after the course, libido drops, mood swings are observed. If the situation is not resolved in any way, testicular atrophy is possible.

Rules of taking

Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs has a long half-life. It is sufficient to use it only once a week. This technique is very convenient and allows you to achieve a uniform concentration of the active substance in the blood.

The duration of the course and the individual dosage should be prescribed by a specialist. Consult your doctor to rule out any contraindications to taking anabolic steroids. Use the drug strictly as prescribed and inject it no more than once a week, as this increases the risk of side effects.

List of references

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