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Principle of action of Pharma TREN А 100 mg Pharmacom Labs and intake characteristics

Trenbolone is a popular steroid known for its powerful properties. It is used for both single and combined lessons. It significantly increases the athlete’s performance and ensures the growth of muscle mass. Tren Atcetat 100mg Pharmacom Labs contains the most popular form of trenbolone. The drug has many positive properties, which will be described below.

Main positive properties of Pharma TREN А 100 mg Pharmacom Labs

The first important property of a steroid is that it does not aromatize. This reduces the list of possible side effects. Such a drug does not harm men’s health and avoids taking a lot of concomitant medications.

In addition, the product has a high androgenic activity. It provides a pronounced effect, which manifests itself rather quickly. However, on the other hand, this makes it undesirable for women.

Trenbolone acetate is the fastest form of steroid. This means that the half-life of the active component is not long. For those who have never tried trenbolone, acetate is the better choice because it is easier to control and causes fewer side effects.

Why use Pharma TREN А 100 mg Pharmacom Labs?

In general, Tren Acetat 100mg is known as a drying hormone. This is due to the properties:

  • highlights the relief;
  • improves muscle definition;
  • it does not accumulate water.

To achieve the best physical shape, athletes use this steroid together with Primobolan or Winstrol.

However, the tool can be used not only for drying. The thing is that trenbolone has a strong anabolic effect, which means that it promotes muscle growth and slows down catabolism. Muscles obtained with steroids are rigid, do not contain water, so they do not disappear after the cancellation of the course. However, to enhance the effect of mass gain, it is preferable to combine this drug with testosterone or Deca Durabolin.

Side effects

The fact that trenbolone does not convert to estrogen makes the development of gynecomastia and edema impossible. By taking the drug, fat accumulation is impossible. However, taking too high doses of this drug has other unpleasant consequences:

  • androgenic side effects;
  • suppression of endogenous testosterone synthesis;
  • various sleep disorders;
  • increased sweating associated with fluid excretion.

There is also a phenomenon such as trenbolone cough, which develops due to incorrect injections. When injected, the active substance can enter the blood vessel, so it enters the lungs and causes coughing.

Gripping recommendations

In general, Pharma TREN А 100 mg Pharmacom Labs can be considered a safe dose. The amount to take depends on the athlete’s goals, sensitivity to the drug and metabolism. There may be contraindications to taking anabolic steroids, so be sure to consult your doctor before using the product.

Injections are usually done every other day, as the active ingredient is active for up to 3 days. The duration of the course of trenbolone is also calculated individually.

Some time after the last injection, you should check the endogenous testosterone level in the blood and undergo a post-cycle therapy. This will help the body’s production of the hormone to return to normal.

If you approach course building correctly, trenbolone acetate will provide you with a stable increase in high-quality muscle mass without harming your health.

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