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Synthetic testosterone is a complete analogue of the hormone produced in the human body. It exists in various forms and is available in injectable oily solutions or as an aqueous suspension (so-called pure testosterone). Testosterone propionate from Pharmacom Labs 100 mg is a fast ester and is an oily solution. It is used for mass collection courses.

Main positive effects of Pharma Test P 100 mg Pharmacom Labs

Testosterone works like this:

  1. Testosterone is absorbed into the muscle in the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.
  2. It binds to anabolic receptors in the muscles.
  3. They begin to retain more nitrogen.
  4. An active increase in muscle mass begins.

This is called anabolic action. In addition, the drug stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factors, which is also needed to build muscle protein.

Pharma Test P 100 mg Pharmacom Labs is good for the joints due to its water-retaining property. The amount of synovial fluid increases, the joint becomes more mobile, the pain disappears.

In addition, testosterone, which replaces the natural hormone, increases libido and stamina, makes a person stronger and able to withstand heavy loads.

The drug is more suitable for mass recruitment courses. It has no properties suitable for drying. It is only used by men. Women need drugs with weaker androgenic effects.

Side effects

Pharma Test P 100 mg Pharmacom Labs is an androgen, so it can cause skin problems and baldness. It is also prone to aromatisation. It is converted into oestrogens, they accumulate in the body and can cause unwanted changes: gynaecomastia, oedema, fat accumulation.

As the synthetic hormone replaces the real one, the body stops producing testosterone in adequate quantities. This is due to the fact that taking such drugs disrupts the connection between the hypothalamus and the testicles, which can lead to their atrophy.

To prevent such problems, you should take the medicine according to certain rules.

Recommendations for use

Pharma Test P 100 mg Pharmacom Labs can be used every other day or on another schedule chosen by the doctor individually. The duration of the course and the possibility of changing the dosage are considered in each case separately.

To reduce the negative effect of the drug on the body, it is recommended:

  • take anti-estrogens;
  • use gonadotropin;
  • undergoing post-cycle therapy.

The hormone can be combined with other hormones. This will enhance the effect of the drugs. Since propionate does not have a long action period, it is rapidly excreted from the body. It can be used by beginners to understand its tolerance.

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Testosteron propionat, Testosterone

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Pharmacom Labs

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