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Pharma Nan PH100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs: intake rules, properties and side effects

One of the most popular anabolic steroids in sport is nandrolone. It comes in two forms: decanoate and phenylpropionate. The former form is better known, but the latter has its advantages and is more suitable for some. It is the active ingredient in Pharma Nan PH100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs .

The main feature of Phenylpropionate is a shorter half-life, which allows you to complete the course on time with little tolerance and reduces the frequency of side effects.

Main effects of taking Pharma Nan PH100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs

The main properties of the drug are associated with a set of muscle mass. Therefore, it is used in mass recruitment courses. He provides:

  • more active protein synthesis;
  • retention of proteins in cells;
  • accumulation of fluid in the connective tissue;
  • absorption of nutrients by the small intestine.

Therefore, a course of Pharma Nan PH100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs helps to gain muscle mass in large volume. It will also have a positive effect on the condition of bones and joints. An increase in the amount of water in the synovial fluid, the retention of calcium and the stimulation of collagen production provide a healing effect on joints and ligaments. This steroid is suitable for athletes who have suffered injuries in these areas.

The joint water is due to an increase in the level of prolactin in the blood.

Rules for taking the drug

Taking into account the properties of the drug, there are several rules for its administration. Following them reduces the risk of side effects and allows you to recover faster after the course:

  • injections are given every 3 to 4 days (up to twice a week);
  • the dose varies and can range from 25 to 100 mg;
  • do not use more than 400 mg per week.

If other steroids are used during the course, the dose is reduced. Nandrolone phenylpropionate is well suited to be combined with other substances. For example, with turinabol or testosterone. This gives a significant increase in the effect of Pharma Nan Pharmacom 10ml.

Side effects

Nandrolone is one of those hormones that increase prolactin. It, in turn, causes such side effects:

  • fluid accumulation;
  • gynecomastia;
  • affects libido.

Although the main component of the drug is not subject to aromatisation, the side effects are similar. Special prolactin inhibitors will help to eliminate it. Cabergoline is the most popular choice for this purpose.

Also in the course of Pharma Nan PH100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs, the production of its own testosterone decreases. Therefore, everyone who tries this steroid needs post cycle therapy.

In general, it is best for experienced athletes to use this drug. For beginners, it is weakly suitable and requires a mandatory consultation with a doctor before taking it. If you build the course correctly and perform a recovery, the result will be an increase in body weight with strong muscles and high rates of strength and endurance.

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