Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm

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Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm is an anabolic steroid in tablet form. The active ingredient is trenbolone. This in turn is a derivative of nortestosterone. Parabolan 25mg MultiPharm has its own advantages and is used for certain sports purposes, which we will discuss below.

Main positive effects of Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm

The formula of Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm is modified in such a way that the active ingredient does not aromatize. Therefore, it does not retain liquid and can therefore be used for the drying period.

This use of trenbolone is the most popular because:

  • it emphasises muscle relief;
  • firms muscles;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • eliminates excess body fat.

At the same time, the anabolic index of Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm is quite high, which makes it suitable for mass gaining courses. The effect will not be as pronounced as with testosterone, for example. But the muscles will be of higher quality and the effect will last for a long time.

Trenbolone causes a very powerful burst of strength and endurance. This allows the athlete to withstand those loads that he could not withstand before or did so with difficulty. Therefore, Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm can be considered an ideal steroid for pre-competition training.

Possible side effects

Despite the lack of taste, side effects occur such as:

  • androgenic side effects (excessive hair growth, baldness, prostate growth);
  • suppression of testosterone synthesis in the body;
  • sleep problems such as insomnia, difficulty falling asleep;
  • pain on the right side, enlargement of the liver, problems with stools due to the toxic effects of the tablets on this organ.

Intolerance is possible, manifested by indigestion after taking the pill.

Dosage and dosage rules

Considering the potency of the steroid, Parabolan 25 mg MultiPharm should be taken with caution. The dosage is strictly individually selected. Before that, you should consult your doctor and find out if you have any contraindications to take this steroid. It can cause problems with the liver, hormonal system, cardiovascular system and other diseases. The selected dosage should be taken daily.

The duration of the course is also limited due to the increased risk of side effects if the intake is delayed. Generally, the duration of the course does not exceed 4 weeks.

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Trenbolone tablets

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1 tablet, mg


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