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Basic Properties and rules of taking Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Parabolan is an anabolic steroid whose active ingredient is trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Thus, the steroid acts for a long time and has an immediate effect. It is called a starter, because Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals quickly rebuilds the body in the process.

How it affects the body: the effects of Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals is most often associated with cutting, although it is in fact also good for gaining muscle mass. It does not accumulate water at all, but on the contrary, it helps to get rid of it. That is why it is used for:

  • relief upgrades;
  • increases in muscle stiffness;
  • highlighting the venous network.

For these purposes, the fat burning property of the drug is also useful.

The steroid does not have a recoil phenomenon and can help to gain muscle mass intensively. Visually, it seems that the effect is weaker than that of, for example, testosterone. But this is only an illusion. Muscles do not increase due to the liquid, so they will stay with you for a long time and will be of high quality. But testosterone noticeably increases muscle, but at the expense of fluid, which disappears after the cancellation.

The best effect is achieved by combining these two steroids. Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals can also be taken together with nandrolone. It is combined with drugs that allow you to gain mass quickly and actively, as it accentuates the relief and increases the stiffness of enlarged muscles.

Side effects

The drug can cause negative symptoms. This is due to its androgenic activity and anabolic properties. The main ones are:

  • acne
  • increased activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • diminution of libido;
  • excess hair on the face or body;
  • mood problems (irritability, aggressiveness);
  • sleep disorders, especially insomnia;
  • increased prolactin.

The drug suppresses your own testosterone production. If you do not use additional medication, testicular atrophy may develop.

How to reduce the risk of side effects

Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals should be taken after consulting a doctor. Each athlete receives an individually selected dosage and diet. If this is followed, the risk of side effects is reduced.

In addition, concomitant medications are used. For example, dietary supplements to improve sleep, prolactin inhibitors. After taking the steroid, it is imperative to undergo a PCT. Gonadotropin is used, for example. It helps to restore the hormonal system.

In addition, the course must be completed on time. The higher the dose and the longer the athlete takes the drug, the more problems it will cause.

Rules of taking Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Parabolan 100 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals should be administered intramuscularly. This is done once a week. The average dosage for experienced athletes is 400 to 600 mg. The course usually lasts no longer than 12 weeks.

In general, with careful reception, you can achieve excellent results. The course of the steroid will help to make the figure more perfect, with a beautiful relief and hard muscles.

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