Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger

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Description of Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger

For bodybuilders, it is important how they look, i.e. they are constantly trying to improve and enhance their body. But the workouts work slowly, even though they help build muscle and improve appearance. For this reason, weightlifters often take anabolic steroids to accelerate muscle development. And among these drugs can be distinguished Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger. Below you can study the detailed characteristics of its properties.

Information about Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger

Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger is an anabolic steroid that has a pronounced effect on the growth of muscle tissue and also increases strength. This powerful drug is in great demand in bodybuilding and other power sports disciplines.

Reviews about Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger are positive. They indicate that the drug helps to achieve excellent results in a short time. Many athletes confirm that in two weeks it is possible to achieve a muscle mass gain of up to 5-7 kg.

Release form, packaging and composition.

Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger release form – tablets.

Manufacturer: Malay Tiger.

The composition of the drug:

  • The active ingredient is oxymetholone;
  • Excipients.

Course of administration and dosage

Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger tablets are approved for use by men over 21 years. The maximum dose per day should be 100 mg. If anabolic steroids are used for the first time, it is best to take them at a dose of 50 mg.

The course of taking Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger should be 6 to 8 weeks. It is not worth increasing the duration of administration, because the positive results will already be seen 3 weeks after the start of use.

Pharmacological action of Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger

Before buying Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger it is worth getting acquainted with its pharmacological properties. The drug is a strong stimulant to increase muscle mass. It has a high anabolic effect, helps to achieve visible results in a short period. The tool has a beneficial effect on nitrogen balance. During 2 weeks of intake, it helps to increase muscle mass up to 5-7 kg.

The main properties of Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger:

  • Improves the appearance of the body – acquires firmness and elasticity;
  • Muscles become firmer and more in relief;
  • Increases endurance and strength;
  • Burns fat deposits;
  • Increases protein synthesis;
  • Eliminates excess fluid from the body.

Possible side effects of taking. Overdose

Before taking the drug Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger it is worth seeing what the side effects may be. They may occur rarely. Usually they are observed in violation of the reception, exceeding the dose.

If the dose is exceeded, the following unpleasant conditions may occur:

  • Lethargy;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Sleeping problems;
  • Deterioration of mood;
  • Strong aggression and anger;
  • Allergic reactions may develop.

Storage conditions of the medicinal product and expiry date

Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger preparation should be stored in a cool, dry place, which is protected from sunlight. The tablets should be in their original packaging. The temperature should not be higher than 20-25 ° C. Shelf life: 2 years, provided the medicine has not been opened.

Buy Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger online in the USA

Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger buy in the United States you can do it in the online shop, which offers a wide selection of drugs for bodybuilders. There you can see the whole range, as well as get acquainted with the characteristics and properties of the proposed drugs.

On the site, customers can only buy original drugs from the manufacturer. Before ordering Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger is worth studying all the conditions of purchase and payment methods.

To buy Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger without prescription you must fill out the form, you must indicate the number of packages, the address of the place where you want to deliver the order. The catalogue contains the cost of Oxyndrol 50 mg Malay Tiger and terms of purchase. You can get more information from the managers of the online shop.

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Active ingredient, mg




1 tablet, mg



Malay Tiger

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Blister (50 tablets), Packing (2 blisters)

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