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Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs is an anabolic steroid. The active substance is oxymetholone. Like many steroids, it was first used only in medicine, but then became popular among athletes in various fields such as doping. This tool is considered to be very powerful. It has low androgenic activity, but a high anabolic index, which determines its properties.

Main effects of Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs

Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs is chosen for massive courses. It allows you to gain up to 15 kg of muscle mass in one class, so it is very popular. The drug tends to retain water in the tissues, so some of the mass leaves after it is cancelled.

In addition, the steroid allows you to train more and more efficiently, as it increases strength and endurance. It accelerates recovery after workouts.

Since the active component of the drug retains fluid in the tissues, it improves the functioning of the joints. More synovial fluid is produced and joints become more mobile, and for some athletes the pain disappears.

It reduces the amount of globulin, which tends to bind to sex hormones. This has the following effect:

  • it accelerates the action of other steroids;
  • makes the effect of your own testosterone more pronounced.

You don’t need to train hard to get a mass gain effect, but it makes the results more impressive. In addition to weight gain, Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs burns fat well. Therefore, the figure becomes more expressive and proportional.

Possible negative effects

Side effects are common to all anabolic steroids, especially when taken in high doses. Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs is characterised by such side effects:

  • liver toxic effects;
  • gynaecomastia, oedema;
  • digestive disorders: diarrhoea, nausea, etc.

In addition, the drug can reduce the production of your own testosterone if taken for a long time. This problem is solved by post-cycle therapy. The active ingredient of the drug does not aromatize (does not convert to oestrogen), but acts on oestrogen receptors, so it has the same side effects as aromatizing drugs.

Rules of course construction

Oxymetos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs can be taken by adult men (over 21 years of age) if there are no contraindications. Contraindications include heart and liver disease, endocrine disorders, prostate enlargement and other diseases.

Basic recommendations for taking:

  • average dosage: 50-100 mg per day, but less can be done to become familiar with the drug;
  • course duration: 4 weeks, maximum – 6 weeks;
  • PCT is performed with drugs that stimulate the production of testosterone.

To make the overall muscle mass more pronounced, you should take a complex of sports nutrition, follow a special diet and exercise regularly. In this case, the effect will not keep you waiting.

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