Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime

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Features and description of Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime

Among all anabolic steroids, Oxandrolone stands out for its effects. It is very popular in the field of bodybuilding and is widely used not only by men but also by women, as it has a very low androgenic index. Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime helps to restore the figure to the best state, while it has a small list of side effects.

How Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime affects the body

Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime is designed to dry out, not bulk up. It does not cause active protein synthesis, but:

  • improves muscle corset relief;
  • increases muscle hardness;
  • eliminates excess subcutaneous fat;
  • increases strength and endurance.

Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime is the best choice for athletes who already have enough mass and just want to improve their appearance. But it should not be used alone. You can combine the drug with other steroids and get a complex effect: mass gain, muscle stiffness and relief.

Negative consequences

Tablets can cause digestive discomfort. For example, nausea, decreased appetite or abdominal pain. More serious consequences develop rarely and only in cases where the admission rules were not observed.

What are the side effects of oxandrolone:

  • moderate toxic effect on the liver;
  • slight decrease in testosterone synthesis in the body;
  • hyperexcitability, sleep disorders.

If large doses lead to a drop in endogenous testosterone level, after discontinuation of the drug, slow erection, low libido and problems with ejaculation will be observed. To avoid this, a post cycle therapy is performed.

This steroid does not aromatize, so it does not cause gynecomastia.

Characteristics of the plug

In the construction of a course, an individual approach is very important. There are only a few general recommendations that are universal for everyone. Oxandrolone 10 mg can be taken as follows:

  • starting dose – 20 mg per day;
  • the average dose is 40 mg per day;
  • the maximum allowable dose for experienced athletes is 80 mg per day;
  • duration of the course – 6 to 8 weeks.

Post-course therapy is mandatory. It is necessary to follow a special diet to improve relief for better results.

Diseases such as enlarged prostate, liver problems are contraindications for the use of a steroid. Therefore, before using it, pass an examination to exclude them.

List of references

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  2. “Long-Term Oxandrolone Treatment Increases Muscle Protein Net Deposition via Improving Amino Acid Utilization in Pediatric Patients 6 Months After Burn Injury” by P. G. van den Berghe, P. B. Rouwet, and M. O. Weekers.
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