Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs

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Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs contains the active ingredient oxandrolone. It is an anabolic steroid that has a high anabolic and low androgenic index. The drug is popular in drying cycles and is used not only by men but also by women. Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs comes in tablet form, so it is very convenient to use.

Main effects of Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs

Oxandrolone is different from other steroids. It is used for specific purposes that are important for athletes to prepare for competitions, namely:

  • reducing body fat percentage;
  • making the figure more expressive;
  • emphasising relief and venous visibility;
  • increasing strength and endurance.

Like any steroid, oxandrolone increases motivation and aggression. This allows the athlete to withstand greater loads and recover faster after training.

Possible negative effects

Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs can be considered a relatively safe steroid. It is capable of harming health only in rare cases if the athlete exceeds the selected dosage. The main side effects are

liver pain

  • drop in testosterone levels;
  • digestive disorders;
  • headaches, high blood pressure.

They occur very rarely. They do not aromatise or cause androgenic side effects, as there is a low androgen index.

Rules of course construction

Oxagen 12 mg Genetic Labs should be taken according to certain rules, in order not to harm your health. The best dosage is 20 mg per day, divided into two doses per day. Beginners can start with lower doses.

Oxandrolone is a hormone whose dosage can be gradually improved to enhance the effect and achieve maximum results. If well tolerated, the dosage can be increased to 40 mg per day.

The maximum permitted daily dose is 80 mg. Exceeding this amount considerably increases the risk of side effects and may lead to overdose, in which case medical attention is required.

The duration of the course is 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the athlete’s goals and how quickly the steroid takes effect.

Be sure to consult your doctor before using any anabolic steroid. If you have contraindications, such as liver disease or cardiovascular disease, you cannot take it.

List of references

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