Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz

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To achieve high performance in sports, athletes use not only testosterone and its various derivatives, but also other hormones. For example, somatropin, which is the active ingredient in Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandozz. It is a growth hormone that is not a sex hormone. It is secreted by the anterior pituitary. Since its natural synthesis decreases with age, the use of such drug makes sense for athletes who need to achieve maximum figure expressiveness.

How Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz affects the body

The drug, like many anabolic steroids, has an anabolic effect. It accelerates the growth and development of muscle tissue, promotes protein formation and retains fluid in muscle cells, which leads to their increase. Along with this, it slows down muscle breakdown, so that the increase in mass becomes more noticeable.

Somatotropin is also a powerful fat burner. It shows well as a fat burner in the abdomen. The hormone helps to distribute the released energy properly, thus accentuating the relief.

If the athlete has suffered injuries to bones, joints or tendons, somatotropin will help to restore the damaged areas. It promotes tissue regeneration and strengthens tissues, thus reducing the risk of further injury.

Women also like to use this hormone to build a beautiful figure. It does not cause virilisation, as it has no androgenic effects, and it also rejuvenates the body and improves the condition of the skin, which is important for sportswomen.

Conclusion: somatotropin is an excellent choice for such purposes:

  • dry weight set;
  • fat burning;
  • rescue training;
  • strengthening of bone tissue.

It also strengthens the immune system. The drug can only be taken by those who have already closed the areas of bone growth (as a rule, these are people older than 20-21 years).

Negative consequences

When taking Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz there are very few side effects, so it can be considered safe. But you cannot take it in such cases:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • presence of neoplasms;
  • presence of enlarged organs;
  • younger age.

Side effects can be tunnel syndrome, hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, oedema, high blood pressure and others. Negative symptoms indicate a high dose or individual sensitivity to the active component of Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz.

Characteristics of use

Somatotropin is administered by injection. Since the most active natural production of this hormone in the body is observed approximately 1 hour after falling asleep, it is best to use the drug before going to bed. Thus, it can be absorbed by the body as organically as possible.

The dosage is selected individually, depending on the athlete’s body performance and goals. 5 mg can be taken to develop a beautiful relief. Frequency of application – 3-4 times per week. In the daily administration of the drug for sports purposes for beginners, it makes no sense. The duration of the course varies. As a rule, it is several weeks.

Before use, consult your doctor. Eliminate contraindications and then proceed to the selection of the dose.

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