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How to use Mastabol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

The main substance of this medicine is drostanolone di propionate. It is one of the more advanced forms of drostanolone. Mastabol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals has unique properties. In particular, it does not convert to oestrogen, which eliminates many side effects. Next, let’s see what athletes are used to with this drug.

Effects of Mastabol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals on the body

Sports fields where this steroid is popular are bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting and others. It has the following effects:

  • helps to maintain muscle mass;
  • improves the visibility of muscle fibres;
  • highlights the relief;
  • provides visibility of veins;
  • helps to eliminate water and excess fat from the body.

The drug has a mild diuretic property. Mastabol 10ml will make muscles as expressive as possible soon after the start of the course. It increases their hardness and dryness.

Strength indicators are developed under the influence of a steroid. At the same time, the body weight does not change, i.e. the athlete remains in his previous weight category. In individual classes, it is mainly used for drying. But in combination with other steroids, the drug can produce other effects.

Side effects and warnings

The properties of the drug are aimed at fat burning and drying, i.e. it does not cause fluid accumulation. But it has androgenic effects which, if taken incorrectly, manifest themselves negatively. It can be acne, baldness, enlarged prostate.

Mastabol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is mainly used by men. In women, it leads to virilisation. In men, like any other steroid, it is able to reduce the production of its own testosterone. Therefore, before taking it, it is necessary to consult a doctor and, after the course, a special therapy to improve the functioning of the hormonal system.

Steroid course: recommendations

At the beginning, it is recommended to take Mastabol 100 mg British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, 100mg in small doses. The average amount is 400 to 500 mg, spread over three doses during the week. This frequency of administration is necessary to maintain a constant concentration of the drug in the blood. It does not have a very long exposure time.

Consultation with a doctor or trainer is necessary. There may be contraindications to take.

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