Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow

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Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow: instructions for use

Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is a very important drug used as part of post-cycle therapy. It is a hormone that is produced in the body of a pregnant woman by the placenta. Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is used to restore the functioning of the male hormonal system after a course of steroids.

Main positive properties of Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow

The drug increases testosterone secretion, stimulating the testicles to secrete it. It then helps to:

  • prevent testicular atrophy;
  • stimulate spermatogenesis;
  • develop secondary male sexual characteristics.

It has a spectrum of actions, like testosterone. The drug is also useful for women, but for medical, not sporting purposes.

Possible side effects

Since this drug is natural and not synthetic, side effects are rare. They may be caused by high doses or too long administration. The negative effects will be the same as those of testosterone: gynecomastia, androgenic side effects and the opposite of the expected result: a decrease in testosterone secretion.

The fact that Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is secreted by the placenta does not affect the male body. The drug does not cause pregnancy symptoms or manifestations of feminine traits.

Dosage and the rule of the race

The required amount of Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow and the frequency of its use depend on the anabolic steroids taken and their duration. Generally, Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is needed in such cases:

  • the course of the steroid lasts longer than 6 weeks;
  • multiple steroids are used;
  • high doses are used.

Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is administered intramuscularly, intermittently. Average dose: 250-500 IU, 2 times per week. The drug should be switched on for at least the last 3-5 weeks of the steroid course. Then the post-course therapy is connected.

If the courses last several months, a constant supply of Gonadotropin corionic FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow is necessary. It is used for 3-5 weeks, then they take a 1-2 week break and switch the drug back on.

Consult your doctor about the best diet for you. This will help to avoid the side effects associated with an overdose.

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FGIP Endocrine Plant Moscow

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