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Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs: description and posology

Farestos contains toremifene. It is an anti-estrogen, which should be taken as part of a course of steroids prone to aromatization (conversion to oestrogen). The tool helps to avoid many side effects and recover faster after the course. Farestos 20 mg – Pharmacom Labs is used by men as a post cycle therapy.

Positive effects of Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs

The drug is an anti-estrogen, i.e. it blocks the receptors that respond to oestrogen. This allows it to rebuild the body for the normal production of other hormones important for a man. Main effects:

  • prevention and treatment of gynecomastia;
  • prevention or elimination of oedema;
  • normalisation of blood pressure;
  • normalisation of natural testosterone production.

Oestrogens, with their excess in a man’s body, cause not only oedema, but also fat deposits depending on the female type. This makes the figure less expressive, as a clear relief disappears. Taking Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs provides relief, as the drug removes excess water and fat.

Possible negative effects

Any anti-estrogen reduces the amount of insulin-like growth factor and increases the amount of globulin. Both of these factors inhibit muscle mass gain, so the effectiveness of steroid treatment may decrease if Farestos is taken at the same time.

Headaches, nausea and other digestive disorders, individual sensitivity reactions may also occur. In some cases, there is an impairment of vision associated with taking the medicine.

Dosage rules

Farestos 20 mg Pharmacom Labs is prescribed to prevent the development of gynaecomastia and to normalise the production of endogenous testosterone. It should be taken daily, starting from the last week of the steroid course and again 2-3 weeks after the end of the steroid.

The dosage is selected individually. The amount of anti-estrogen is determined by which steroids are used for the course, in what quantity. This is also a very important factor: whether it was a single course or a combined course, because different drugs have different effects on testosterone production. The duration of the course is chosen according to the same principle.

Before use, consult a doctor to rule out contraindications. An anti-estrogen is considered relatively safe when used in small doses. It is popular not only in sports, but also in medicine, where it is used to treat certain types of breast cancer in women.

List of references

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Toremifene citrate

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Pharmacom Labs

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