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Exos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs principle of action and dosage characteristics

Exos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs is an aromatase inhibitor. The active substance is exemestane. It helps to get rid of the side effects of excess oestrogen, which can occur during certain androgenic steroids.

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts androgens into estrogens to maintain their proper ratio and hormonal balance. Aromatisation is a transformation process as well as a property of steroids that can be converted into oestrogens.

Main positive effects of Exos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs

Aromatase inhibitors do not inhibit the work of anabolic steroids. On the contrary, they make the effect much stronger. Therefore, the drug can be used together with steroids, which protects you from:

  • development of gynecomastia;
  • development of oedema;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • female fat deposits.

Since Exos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs does not allow oestrogen to accumulate fluid in the tissues, it improves the relief of the figure and there is a drying effect. The tool can be used both to prevent problems and to solve them.

Side effects

If you use aromatase inhibitors incorrectly (e.g. in high doses), there may be too little oestrogen. This is also fraught with negative consequences:

  • slowing of muscle growth;
  • joint pain and loss of bone strength;
  • decreased general tone;
  • libido problems.

This is due to the fact that the male body needs oestrogen. The work of the testicles, libido depends on it. It regulates bone metabolism and can lead to osteoporosis if not excreted correctly.

Recommendations for use

Exos 25 mg Pharmacom Labs is used as prophylaxis for the development of oestrogen dominance. In this case, 12.5 mg of active substance, i.e. half a tablet, is sufficient. You can take it every other day so as not to suppress the work of aromatase too much.

If gynaecomastia develops, the dose should be increased to 1 tablet (25 mg), and the frequency of administration should be increased to once a day. This schedule should be adhered to until these symptoms of gynecomastia disappear:

  • mammary enlargement;
  • nipple tenderness;
  • nipple discharge;
  • itching and reddening of the skin;
  • sore glands.

After elimination of these symptoms, you should return to the prophylactic dose. You can take aromatase inhibitors until the end of the steroid cycle and then continue with post-cycle therapy, which will help restore natural testosterone production.

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