Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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How to use Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Drostanolone is an anabolic steroid based on dihydrotestosterone. The drug has a pronounced androgenic activity, so it is mainly used by men. The tool has many positive aspects, in particular, its resistance to conversion to oestrogen. Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals is used today in various sports fields and is very popular.

Main effects of Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The drug is suitable for maintaining muscle mass during the drying phase. It is a diuretic, i.e. it effectively removes excess water from the body. As a result, the muscles acquire:

  • pronounced relief;
  • noticeable definition (detail of the muscle fibres);
  • venous visibility;
  • hardness and density.

The steroid has a fat burning effect. During this time, a lot of energy is released. The athlete feels extra strength and endurance.

Areas of taking the drug

Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals has gained the greatest popularity in bodybuilding. After all, with its help you can achieve maximum expressiveness of muscles before competition.

In athletics, running, this tool is used to maintain the weight class while enjoying an increase in physical performance.

Increased strength and endurance makes the tool in great demand in weightlifting. Athletes in this area can eliminate excess fat but retain muscle mass.

In general, the drug can be useful for all athletes who wish to improve the appearance of the figure.

Possible side effects

The drug should be taken with caution, as there is a risk of androgenic side effects. The most common are acne and baldness. There may be excessive hair growth on the body and face. In older men, the steroid may cause prostate enlargement.

It is better for women not to use it so that secondary male sexual characteristics do not develop.

You should not be afraid of fluid retention and gynecomastia. But suppression of endogenous testosterone production can occur at high doses, so post-cycle therapy is indicated.

Recommendations for use

Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals contains 200 mg per 1 ml. Recommended course dose: 400-500 mg per week. Injections are generally administered 3 times per week. The injections are administered intramuscularly. To find out the dosage and duration of treatment that is best for you, consult a sports doctor.

The tool goes well with other drugs. You can use it in mass meeting classes with testosterone, for example. By combining different steroids, you can adjust the action and achieve synergy.

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