Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical

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Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical: instructions for use

To solve various problems in the genital area, peptides can be used, e.g. Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical. The active ingredient is Bremelanotide. It is an analogue of Melanotan, a substance responsible for the production of melatonin, a beautiful tan, and also belongs to the group of aphrodisiacs. This particular version of the peptide has a slight change in the formula and is used by both men and women for sexual desire problems.

Principle of action and effects of Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical

Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase a person’s libido and provoke sexual desire. The principle of their action is different from drugs such as Viagra, which act on the vessels of the male genital organ to provide an erection. Aphrodisiacs (such as Desira Pen Bremelanotide PT-141 20 mg, respectively) provoke a desire for intimacy, which already triggers the whole process of arousal.

Thus, the drug provides:

  • strong sexual attraction;
  • persistent erection and arousal in women;
  • complete intercourse.

Of course, this only works if the person does not have physiological problems that interfere with the process. Sometimes a combination of this peptide with other drugs is needed.

Directions for use and indications

You can use this peptide after steroid cycles. Men often have libido problems due to hormonal imbalance, erection becomes slow, it is difficult to reach orgasm. The same is observed in women: vaginal dryness and, as a result, discomfort during sexual intercourse, lack of desire and reaction to pathogens. This is due to low testosterone levels and an increase in other hormones, such as cortisol.

In addition, Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical can also be prescribed for problems that have arisen for other reasons.

Dosage rules:

  • use up to 1.5 mcg of the substance at a time;
  • do not use daily;
  • subcutaneous injections.

The effect occurs about two hours after injection. For the next two hours there will be a surge of action, then the sensation of the remedy will fade. On average, the effect lasts for 8 hours, sometimes up to 10 hours.

Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical is available in convenient pen form, which saves you having to buy an insulin syringe and fill it with the solution. The pen contains 20 mg of active ingredient and you can adjust the dose and see how much solution is left.

Side effects and warnings

Subcutaneous administration does not usually cause side effects such as increased blood pressure or headaches. However, overdose can be dangerous. In addition, the remedy should not be used during pregnancy.

Local reactions at the injection site are possible, which pass by themselves. You can take the peptide only after consulting a doctor.

List of references

  1. Clinical Trials: Search for clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of various slimming pills or weight loss medications. Clinical trial databases like or PubMed can be helpful for this.
  2. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: Look for systematic reviews and meta-analyses that summarize and analyze the results of multiple studies on weight loss medications. These reviews can provide a comprehensive overview of the available evidence.
  3. Regulatory Agencies and Guidelines: Check for reports and guidelines issued by regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA, EMA) regarding the approval, usage, and safety of specific weight loss medications.
  4. Medical Journals: Search for articles published in reputable medical journals focusing on weight loss medications, their mechanisms of action, side effects, and overall effectiveness.
  5. Endocrinology and Obesity Journals: Journals that specialize in endocrinology and obesity research may contain relevant studies and reviews related to weight loss medications.





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