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Decaject 200 mg Eurochem Labs: instructions for use

Decaject contains nandrolone, an anabolic steroid. It is a synthetic analogue of a natural hormone that is formed in a person in the body due to physical exertion, as well as during pregnancy. The natural hormone is secreted in insufficient quantities to achieve a tangible effect. That is why sportsmen and women use Decaject 200 mg Eurochem Labs on the go to improve their athletic performance.

As Decaject 200 mg Eurochem Labs affects the body

The drug has a fairly high anabolic activity, while the androgenic index is reduced. This reduced the amount of side effects and achieved the following results:

  • muscle growth at an accelerated rate;
  • strengthening of bone tissue and ligaments;
  • maintaining normal joint function;
  • improved haematopoiesis;
  • beneficial effect on immunity;
  • improved absorption of amino acids.

Nandrolone is very popular because it has no serious side effects. With the correct intake of

Decaject 200 mg Eurochem Labs you can achieve excellent results without harming your health. At the same time, the mass gained in the course (and this up to 8 kg per month) does not disappear after the cancellation.

Dosage and tips for a steroid course

If you take the steroid correctly, the effect will come gradually and side effects can be avoided. The duration of the course should be a little longer than with these steroids that promote rapid mass gain. These are the basic rules:

  • duration of administration: about 10 weeks or more with a gradual increase in dosage;
  • optimal dosage: starting at 200 mg per week, can be increased if necessary;
  • recommended in combination with testosterone or other steroids;
  • injection frequency: once a week, but if the dose is large, it can be divided into 2 injections per week;
  • Post-cycle therapy is important to restore the work of the testicles, because during steroid treatment there is a drop in endogenous testosterone production.

Before taking Decaject 200 mg Eurochem Labs, you should definitely consult your doctor. This will help to eliminate contraindications.

Side effects

Although the drug does not convert to estrogen and does not cause androgenic side effects, it binds to progesterone receptors. In this sense, it increases the level of prolactin in the blood and, in turn, this hormone indirectly suppresses the level of male sex hormones. This is why PCT is necessary.

There may also be:

  • headache;
  • local reactions;
  • high blood pressure
  • rashes;
  • runny nose.

The hormone can affect mood: cause aggression and irritability. But with the right dosage, these problems can be avoided.

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Nandrolone, Nandrolone decanoate

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