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Danabol is an anabolic steroid available in tablet form. It has been used since the 1960s when it was popular as a remedy for burns. Now Danabol 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals is used in bodybuilding because it has the ability to build muscle mass.

The active ingredient of the drug is methandienone. Its anabolic activity is 200% testosterone and androgenic – 50%. This is due to the properties of the drug, which we will talk about later.

How Danabol 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals affects the body

The main effect of the drug is its ability to increase muscle mass. The steroid stimulates protein synthesis, which is the building material of muscles. In addition, the tool:

  • increases strength indicators;
  • significantly increases appetite;
  • eliminates excess body fat (slight drying effect);
  • has a beneficial effect on bone tissue.

The drug does not have a very high androgenic activity, so it does not cause masculinization. But this is possible in rare cases, if it increases the body’s sensitivity.

Negative consequences

Due to the low androgenic index, the drug does not cause androgenic side effects, including skin problems, prostate hyperplasia and other unpleasant phenomena. However, the active substance is prone to aromatisation. This effect is not strong, but at high doses of the drug, gynecomastia, bloating and problems with libido may develop.

The drug, like many steroids, can cause your own testosterone production to decrease. In addition, the tablets have a toxic effect on the liver.

Individual intolerance is also possible, which manifests itself in poor health after taking the tablets and indigestion. In case of overdose, the state of health deteriorates drastically, so take the drug with caution.

Features of use

Danabol 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals should be taken daily. The dosage is determined individually. The average dose is 10 mg. Side effects develop faster if you take more than 30 mg per day. Therefore, before using the remedy, you should consult a doctor. He will exclude contraindications and will know how much medicine to take to get a positive effect and not to face the negative ones.

The duration of the course is also determined individually and depends on the physical performance of the athlete, his sensitivity to steroids and the purpose of its use.

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