Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

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Description of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

In weightlifting and bodybuilding, special preparations are often used to dry and burn fat and form relief muscles, a beautiful and inflated body. One of them is Clenoged 0.04mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals. It helps to lose weight, eliminate excess fluids and eliminate subcutaneous fat.

About Clenoged 0.04mg

So what is Clenoged 0.04mg and why is this drug so much in demand in sports pharmacology? It is a non-steroidal fat burner, often used for weight loss. The composition contains the active component clenbuterol, it is he who builds dense and sculpted muscles. For this reason, it is often used during reinforced drying.

Euro Prime Clenoged pharmaceuticals are very popular in the field of bodybuilding. It helps to build a beautiful and toned body without an ounce of fat. When used in the body, it starts the natural process of burning fat deposits, the active ingredient does not affect the hormonal background.

Form of release, packaging and composition

Release form of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals micrograms -tablets.

Manufacturer – Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals (EPF).

What is included in Clenoged:

  • The active ingredient is clenbuterol;
  • Ancillary components.

The drug is available in the form of white flat cylindrical oblong tablets. There is a chamfer on both sides, on one side there is a risk.

Course of taking and dosage

The intake cycle of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals is short – on average it ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months. Male bodybuilders can take 40-120 mcg per day. But for women, the dosage of Clenoged 0.04 mcg is lower – from 20 to 100 mcg.

For optimal results, it is recommended to take Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals with other sports pharmacological agents. For example, you can take propionate with testosterone and drostanolone for 8 weeks, and with testosterone propionate and stanozolol for up to 6 weeks.

Pharmacological action of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

The drug contains the active ingredient clenbuterol hydrochloride, a non-hormonal substance. Its main indications are the elimination of unpleasant symptoms and the treatment of bronchial asthma. According to pharmacological action, it belongs to the selective b2-adrenomimetic. When taken, it produces a specific activation of b2-adrenergic receptors in muscle or adipose tissue.

The main effects of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals for bodybuilding include the following:

  • Fat burning;
  • Improved body drying;
  • Improved body appearance;
  • Relieving muscle training;
  • Reducing body fat;
  • Prevention of subcutaneous fat accumulation.

Possible side effects of taking. Overdose

Side effects of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals are rare, the main thing is to follow the dosage and regimen of the drug. Unpleasant changes in condition may occur only in case of overdose.

Sometimes the following conditions may occur:

  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Deterioration of general well-being;
  • Rashes;
  • Allergic reactions

Storage conditions of the medicinal products and expiry date

The blister with the tablets should be stored in a dark and dry place, not exposed to sunlight. The tablets should only be in the package. The temperature should not exceed 20-27°C. Shelf life: 2 years, provided the product has not been opened.

Buy Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals online in the USA

We can buy Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals online in the United States from a number of websites. They are numerous and all offer a wide variety of medicines and various sports pharmacology products.

It is best to buy from reliable and reputable online shops, which have many positive reviews. They often sell proven and original drugs. And above all, you can buy Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals without prescription.

The catalogue contains the price of Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals, as well as information about the conditions of purchase. When ordering, a form must be filled in, the number of packages is indicated, and the address of the place where the delivery is to be made. Payment can be made in any available form. You can also use the services of administrators on the site, they will provide you with important information and explain how to buy Clenoged 0,04 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals tablets online.

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