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How to use Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid. It is a derivative of testosterone. If we compare these two hormones, their anabolic activity is the same, but the androgenic index of Boldenone is twice lower. This reduces the number of side effects of taking.

In Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals this anabolic is the main substance. It has an average half-life of 2 weeks, which avoids daily injections and provides a long-lasting result.

Impact on the body and the use of Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals in sports

The tool is very often used in mass recruitment courses. It provides high-quality lean muscle mass gains. It also calls:

  • improvement of power indicators;
  • increased production of red blood cells;
  • increased appetite and libido.

It is suitable for those who wish to emphasize the relief and visibility of veins. Recommended for use in areas where strength and endurance are important. Those who want to maintain their weight can also use this drug.

Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals causes an increase in red blood cells. As a result, it improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles.

Side effects

The steroid acts slowly on the body and in low doses does not cause negative effects on the cycle. However, it has a weak oestrogenic activity. With a long cycle and high doses, gynecomastia, bloating and other unpleasant consequences may develop.

There is also a decrease in endogenous testosterone production during Boldenone. The problem is solved by reducing the cycle to the recommended period and performing post-cycle therapy.

There are no androgenic side effects, as the steroid has a low activity rate.

Directions for use: recommended dosage and duration

Boldenone 250 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals is taken for up to 10 weeks. During this time, you can notice the maximum effect of the application and the negative effect is not observed. The introduction of the chosen dosage is done once a week intramuscularly.

Experienced athletes make combinations with this drug, which allows them to enhance some effects of the steroid. Dosage is selected individually. It is recommended to start the reception only after consulting a doctor, as there may be contraindications.

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