Boldenone 200 mg MultiPharm

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Boldenone 200 mg MultiPharm: instructions for use

MultiPharm is a European manufacturer of sports pharmacology. It is a well-known brand in the field of bodybuilding and other sports. Boldenone 1 ml MultiPharm contains the active substance of the same name: boldenone. It is an anabolic steroid that is on the top list and has few side effects.

Positive effects of Boldenone 200 mg MultiPharm

The drug is mainly used in massive recruitment courses. It makes the muscles bigger, provides a clear venous pattern and does not retain water, so the muscle mass is characterized by high quality.

Other effects:

  • powerful increase in appetite;
  • increase in the number of red blood cells;
  • stimulation of protein synthesis.

The steroid fills the athlete with strength and endurance, especially due to its property of increasing the number of red blood cells. They transport oxygen and other beneficial substances to the muscle tissue.

The results achieved in the course of Boldenone 200 mg MultiPharm are long-lasting and can be compared with other more popular steroids. For example, with nandrolone decanoate.

Side effects

Since the drug is not subject to aromatization and does not increase the amount of progesterone in the blood, it does not cause side effects such as edema and gynecomastia. Due to its low androgenic activity, there are no side effects such as baldness, acne and other androgenic problems.

But the drug suppresses endogenous testosterone production. Hence the problems with breakdown, libido and mood after taking. Local reactions to the injections are also possible, which disappear on their own.

Recommendations for setting up courses

As a general rule, the drug is taken for approximately 10 weeks. The average dose is 400 mg or more. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Before using any steroid, be sure to consult your doctor. There are contraindications to take.

The drug is administered intramuscularly 1 time per week. But to establish a precise plan, it is necessary to have the opinion of a sports doctor.

To reduce the risk of side effects, post-cycle therapy is recommended. In this case, the course of Boldenone can be considered absolutely safe for health.

List of references

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