Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon

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Recommendations for taking Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon

In this preparation, the main substance is boldenone undecylenate. It is a derivative of testosterone. They are identical in anabolic properties. But Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon has less androgenic activity. This makes it preferable for people whose body does not respond well to drugs with pronounced androgenicity. The characteristics of the steroid make it suitable for cutting and bulking cycles.

What are the effects of Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon?

It has a gradual effect on the body and can remain in the blood for up to 3 weeks. It provides effects similar to those of nandrolone. These include:

  • significant increase in the amount of red blood cells in the blood, which improves the nutrition of muscle tissue;
  • active growth of high-quality muscle mass (without water);
  • strong stimulation of appetite, which allows the use of a means to gain mass.

Boldebolin Original 100 mg Organon can show the pattern of veins and relief. Therefore, for drying purposes, it is very popular. The substance does not aromatize, i.e. it is not converted to estrogen. This means that there is no water intake and fat accumulation.

How to take: main rules

Available as a solution for injection. Injections should be made intramuscularly. Usually once a week is sufficient. On average, 400 mg of the active substance is used, but the dosage should be selected individually. To understand the amount of hormones needed, it is necessary to know the athlete’s goals, previous experience with steroid use and other factors.

The course can last up to 10 weeks. At this time, Boldebolin Organon 2ml is combined with other steroids. This is how synergy is achieved and the results of the cycle become more significant.

Side effects

The main consequence of the development of the drug is the suppression of the production of its own testosterone. This is accompanied by such problems: decreased libido, erection problems, lethargy, fatigue. The problem is solved by post cycle therapy. It is mandatory.

No androgenic side effects are observed. To exclude contraindications, be sure to consult with your doctor. In this case, the problems associated with the steroid will not arise.

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