Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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There are many different drugs on the sports pharmaceutical market today. These are tablets, oil and water solutions, and powders. For the correct use of powders a special solvent is required. You can buy it in a pharmacy or use a more modern version. Bacteriostatic water 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals. This dilution fluid has many advantages.

How Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals affects the body

The composition of the bacteriostatic water contains the following components:

  • purified water;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • sodium chloride.

They not only ensure complete dissolution of the powdered formula, but also prolong its shelf life. Moreover, if ordinary water for diluting the active substance can only be used once due to the ingress of microorganisms from the outside, then this liquid can be used several times. Thanks to the alcohol present in the composition, it becomes bactericidal, i.e. it destroys all kinds of microorganisms and prevents them from developing. It is absolutely safe to use the solution prepared with this liquid.

The chemical composition of the product makes the diluted medicine more easily absorbed by the body.

Negative consequences

Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals cannot cause any side effects. Therefore, possible negative effects of the finished solution depend only on the main drug.

Plug-in characteristics

The liquid will be needed to dilute drugs such as peptides, gonadotropin and others. The bottle contains 10 ml. The mixing ratio depends on the drug used. Before preparing the solution, read the instructions that came with the drug.

List of references

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