Anavar 10 mg MultiPharm

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Anavar 10 mg MultiPharm is the name of a drug containing oxandrolone as an active ingredient. It is an anabolic steroid known since the 1960s. Its calling card is low androgenic and high anabolic. This determines the positive qualities of the drug.

Anavar 10 mg MultiPharm is considered safe as it has little or no negative effects on the body when taken correctly. Initially used for medical purposes, today it is very popular in bodybuilding and other sporting fields.

Positive effects of Anavar 10 mg MultiPharm

Anavar is taken orally in tablet form. It binds to anabolic receptors in the muscles. It provides the following effects:

  • improvement of the relief of the figure;
  • increase in muscle hardness;
  • elimination of excess fat;
  • stimulation of somatotropin production;
  • increased strength and endurance.

Oxandrolone is primarily taken to make the figure more expressive. It is not used to gain muscle mass. Suitable for athletes who have already gained the right amount of muscle and now want to make them stronger and more expressive. The fat burning effect of the steroid is sufficient to eliminate moderate deposits.

Possible negative effects

The drug has little effect on the liver, and that is a great advantage for a steroid in oral form. In addition, it does not aromatize. This is also an advantage, because it means that the athlete has no fear of gynecomastia, edema and other problems related to aromatization.

Anavar does affect your own testosterone production, but not significantly. If you take it in small amounts, the problem will not arise. But if you exceed the dosage, such unpleasant consequences are possible:

  • decreased libido and erection problems;
  • weak appetite;
  • digestive disorders;
  • headaches;
  • high blood pressure.

Side effects are quite rare. No wonder Anavar is considered one of the safest and even used by women.

Rules of use

Oxandrolone combines well with other steroids, but we will see the rules for taking it in an individual cycle. The main recommendations are as follows:

  • an appropriate goal for taking a steroid is to improve the relief of the figure;
  • the duration of the course is 6-8 weeks;
  • it is worth starting with 20 mg per day, divided into 2 doses: in the morning and in the evening;
  • the dose can be gradually increased if a more pronounced effect is required;
  • post-cycle therapy is required after using the steroid;
  • take only after consulting a doctor.

Anavar 10 mg MultiPharm is quite mild. The most striking effect is obtained after 5 weeks. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the dosage of 80 mg, as the risk of side effects increases considerably.

List of references

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