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The principle of action of Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals and the characteristics of taking it

During the course of anabolic steroids side effects such as gynecomastia, edema, high blood pressure and female type fat accumulation often occur. All these problems are associated with oestrogen accumulating in large amounts in a man’s body. This situation occurs if the selected steroid aromatizes.

Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals is used to inhibit aromatization. It inhibits the activity of a substance involved in this process (aromatase).

Main positive effects of Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Anastrozole is used to make the anabolic steroid cycle as harmless as possible. Its main effects:

  • prevents gynecomastia;
  • normalises blood pressure;
  • improves muscle relief;
  • prevents fat accumulation.

In the context of its reception, it increases the level of anabolic hormones in the blood. Thanks to this, muscles grow faster and gain quality. It also supports the connection between the pituitary gland and the testicles, which helps in the production of testosterone in normal amounts.

Side effects

Aromatase inhibitors can suppress this enzyme too much if taken at the wrong dose. As a result, there is too little oestrogen, which is also harmful to the body. This leads to:

  • poor weight gain;
  • libido problems;
  • a drop in mood and general tone.

Joint pain may occur. There is also sometimes a loss of bone strength with long-term use. In some athletes, it increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.


Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals is only recommended for use with steroids prone to aromatisation. If the drug does not have this property, aromatase inhibitors are not needed.

As a preventive measure for the development of side effects, take half a tablet of Anastrozole (0.5 mg). You can do this within a day.

If the first symptoms of gynaecomastia appear (it is this pathology that indicates an excess of oestrogen), it is recommended to increase the dose to 1 mg and take this amount of the drug every day. This regimen should be followed until the symptoms of gynaecomastia disappear completely. Then, you should switch to a prophylactic dose and continue taking it.

Talk to your doctor about your oestrogen and testosterone levels. This will help determine how long you need to take Anastrozole.

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